by @newukenewyork

Liner Notes

“Secondhand” - #fawm 50/90 2024 song 11

Here’s another old lyric draft that’s been waiting for music. I had a lot of fun working on this one and could keep refining it but I think I’ll take a break and let the melody and rhythms percolate — and also I didn’t mean to disappear so long while I’m visiting friends on vacation. 😬

I’ll probably do that final chorus twice next time.

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Been thinking lately how we flow
About the way you slink around, you come and go
I’m not a book you picked up from the shelf
Of some old dusty shop you stumbled on yourself

I’m not a flower pressed between its pages
Who hasn’t seen the light of day for ages
Maybe you think you’re doing me a favor
But I’m not shopping churches for a savior

I think you think you got me secondhand
I think you don’t think that I understand
That how you’re treating me is not what mama planned
I think you think you got me secondhand

Anyone can see why I looked twice
You’re rough but I’ll admit you clean up nice
I’d like to see you with a stranger’s eyes
Watch you from my porch as you jog slowly by

It’s strange, though, how you come over at night
And I don’t get a wink or nod in morning’s light
The satisfaction you’ve been giving me
Starting to dissipate as days become weeks


Baby, you really got a bargain
Add it to your profit margin
Honey, my shop is closing down
No more tag sales, I’ll see you around



The energy and emotion and movement really come through both in your instrumentation and your voice in this one. The bridge really starts popping, but there’s quick movement throughout. And I know this was a music completion, but I love the metaphor and the lyrics.
I really like the bridge. The note muting is really nice and pleasing. But the content is well placed as well because the second set of verses had me wondering if you where actually coming around to accepting be second hand but the poppy explosion in the bridge makes the statement that no, the store is indeed closed.
I, too, am going to be doing a lot of visiting friends, etc., and I ended up cheating a bit and starting early for 50/90--putting a few songs "in the can". One way to keep up...

Again, I'm just amazed at how good your melodies are--still my weakest point in the process. Great song! ❤️
excellent writing and your examples are spot on regardng how some people treat other people like something they picked up cheap from a thrift shop, then throw them away without without it bothering their conscience because they were just trash to begin with. I love the confidence in your refusal to accept thi misuse of yourslf.
The sound of you ukulele is really rich and melodic. Grat chorus and very fine lyrics. It's a real conversational song.
This tune works really well, very catchy. And I like the idea overall. My second hand books are giving me a look now.
I love it! I would comment more, but it leaves me speechless. I think because it hits close to home for me.
It's strange and hard to describe, but it feels like I've know this song forever - I guess it just flows how it should.