Say You’ll Come Home

by @newukenewyork

Liner Notes

“Say You’ll Come Home” - #fawm 50/90 2024 song 10

Sat down to finish a lyric draft from last summer’s skirmishes and wrote myself into a bit of a corner with my starting line — realized I’d copied part of the melody for a pretty well known song — just on one interval but the lyrics were similar, so I was glad when I found another way to go.

I like the way this flows as a song of contrition and longing.

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Maybe I wasn't listening
I've been accused of that before
Disabused of the notion I gave enough
By you walking out the door
Now I'm feeling rough,
Heart's on the floor

This can't be real life
This can't be right
This can't be how it all ends,
With you gone and me throwing the fight
You make me whole....
Say you'll come home

Maybe this is my lesson
Baby I've been scared real straight
I will wait, I will show you I learned from it
Don't stay out too late
I finally get
Why you walked away


I'd leave the light on if it didn't feel like prayer
If it might not prove nobody's there
That bulb still hangs near the old porch swing
We used to share



Favorite lines:
“.. throwing the fight”
“…light on of it didn’t feel like a prayer”

I really like the strength of the long “whole” on the second to last line of the chorus, at it is impressive delivery and feel likes it sums up the desire of the song. My only thought would be if there would be a way to flip the last lines of the chorus to make it end on the whole. Idk though because the coming home part is probably more theme centric. Either way it is good as is.

I liked the whole last verse with the imagery of the porch and the light, the play of leaving a light on is something I connect with.
The lyrics are incredibly well written. Very nice song.
love how you hold the note on the words whole and home at the end of the chorus. i like the gentle denial of the lyric where it is more customery to hear vindictive bitterness in songs delving into this subject matter
Oh, I love this lyric. It’s not trying to be too clever, just the right words in the right order. Very relatable too. ‘I’d leave the light on if it didn’t feel like a prayer’ is a stunning line! Great delivery too, I’m intrigued by what song you accidentally borrowed from in version 1!
Painful lyric set to a lovely melody. Well done!
Flows so well. Love the vocals and the melody. Thank you for sharing. :)