• Portland, Oregon
July 1, 2024 update: Lots of life changes, both recently and ongoing. Just moved to Portland, OR from Dallas, TX in the first week of June. This last February was my second FAWM and I didn't meet my personal goals for it, so I'm looking forward to seeing what 50/90 will bring!

A very experienced live vocalist, when I started a new original project a while back I found that I needed to become the primary songwriter in order to move it forward. I took on FAWM 2023 as a personal challenge to step out of my comfort zone - and, hopefully, out of some bad habits and into some new and more useful ones. I loved the experience and got a few good songs out of it. I'm back for 2024 and looking forward to seeing what this round brings!

With fairly diverse tastes and influences, I have two very different projects in the works. The metal one began in a very prog-influenced power metal kind of direction but keeps leaning a bit more towards doomy, gothic flavors by the day, it seems. The folky one merges my love of Irish pubs, renaissance festivals, medieval history, and fantasy fiction into something of a hybrid with a sound that draws as much from modern folk-rock as it does from more traditional sources.

I'm happy to consider collaboration of various sorts.

I'm a solid, confident singer, reasonably competent on guitar and bass, and can fake my way through keys (MIDI quantizing FTW) and program drums for recording/demo purposes.

My name is Kevin. "Tezzin" is how a friend's daughter pronounced my name when she was a toddler; it kind of stuck among a few people and I keep saying I should name a project that at some point. It seemed like a good fit for this. ;)

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