Crocodile Tears

by @strumandstress

Challenge: Idiom

Liner Notes

#songwriting #prompt #idiom #saying #cliche #fuc


Something inside me has always been there Don’t think that I’m very nice
But I have something that I want to share Wish that you’d take my advice

Dance like there’s no one there Laugh like a drain
Shop like a billionaire Sing in the rain
Whisper a secret while the walls have ears
Cry like a crocodile – crocodile tears

I am afraid, don’t know what I can do I know you want to be free
But I have something I must say to you Wish that you’d listen to me

Maybe you’re right and I am insincere You might believe I’m a fake
I want to tell you what you need to hear I have advice you can take


Now I do Wonder what would make a crocodile cry? I mean I think they're just eating machines aren't they? You know challenging the ecosystem and eliminating certain amounts of certain populations. Dude I get it and some metaphor I'm just joking I like your delivery I like your performance your arrangement the words were really cool thanks man.
Something about uke songs in the morning - the sound of the uke is so awake 🙂 Well played.
Nice job on the idiom challenge.
I love the unexpected chord change on "whisper a secret while the walls have ears" - it adds such a unique draw to that line that launches it into the final and "most important" part of the chorus. Wonderful performance!
This is great! Love your performance! And the mix of cliches, with the sarcastic edge works really wonderfully. Great melody and chord progression -- especially love the change on the "Whisper a secret while the walls have ears" line (that's also probably my favorite line, too.)