Hey Little Moscovite

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

Not totally done, you are welcome to add some verses and do a cover/makeover of this one
It was hard for me to pronounce the words right, a good sign this one is not for me, so I played it slower than planned
It might go viral on Youtube with stuff exploding
Слава Україні


Hey little moscovite

Where did you park your tank

Did you park it in the mud

Did you park it in the woods

Oh my do you think it sank

Hey little moscovite

Did someone tow it away

The strangest harvest you ever seen

Metal scrap in stead of wheat and hay

Hey little moscovite

Did you find everyhting you need

Little pressent for your kids

Little presents for your wife

… and a mighty fine toilet seat

Hey little moscovite

Where’s your president

Did your commander run away

When it was too hot to stay

This looks like a bad event

Hey little moscovite

Have you heard of Saint Javelin

She’s looking for you, so what are you up to

She’ll free you from your sins

Hey little moscovite

Where are you now

Are you here, over there

You’re scattered everywhere

Fertilising Ukrainian ground


You've really captured the 1960s American anti-war folk sound, but brought it bang up to date. Really well done!


Light and political - what a combo! Wonderful vocal melodies floating over the bed of folky playing - sounds like something out of a Wes Anderson film - the clash of the old guard and new. Great song!


Nice work. Really haunting reverb. Love the melody -- adds a nice contrast to the dark lyrics.