Double Decker

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

Prompted by this week's Seasons of the #ukulele theme over on the Ukulele Underground Forums, this is a song inspired by International Car Free Day, which is on September 22nd. It's about the benefits (and otherwise) of travelling by bus.

I don't have a car and I like it that way, although sometimes it's a bit of a pain... #folk #fuc


Get insurance, pass your MOT
Pay attention, stay awake and watch your speed
But If you can't be bothered dealing with the stress
Then leave the details to somebody else

So leave your car behind, join the queue and settle down
Twice an hour if you lucky you can travel into town
Take a tour of the county, have a good look around
From the front seat of the double decker

When you've finished at the place you need to be
You can even have a pint before you leave
But drink up before you miss the last bus home
It's a long walk down the winding country roads

So sit back and relax, let the scenery go by
And remember as an adult you're still a kid inside
So make sure you go upstairs and take the front seat on the right
And pretend that you drive the double decker

Had my breakfast and a morning cup of tea
Put my shoes on and turned off the TV
I've got to be at work by nine
So the half past eight bus should be fine

Unless I find it's cancelled or the drivers are on strike
Or it got delayed in Glasgow by some unexpected ice
So maybe I should cadge a lift or else get on my bike
Instead of sitting on the double decker


That was great fun.


You captured the whole vibe of bus-riding, the advantages and disadvantages!


Oh, what a nice little song! I really enjoyed listening!