a Bramble of Stems (Stem-Sharing Corpse!)

by @gardeningangel1 @ferry0123 @fuzzy @kahlo2013 @nancycunning @wolfkier

Liner Notes

Hi, GA here: I'm so happy with how this turned out!!! It was really neat watching each part come in and add to the narrative of the piece, then taking snippets from each to weave into the final minute with @fuzzy 's excellent spooky organ outro stem (say that three times fast).
Thanks everyone who participated, this was so much fun to put together and I'm so thrilled with the results 🐺🍂💚


BRAMBLES lyrics by @nancycunning , performed by @gardeningangel1

There's nothing left but brambles,
where the berries used to be
Summer time has come and gone
You're done pickin' with me

I hiked out where we used to go
Not much left to see
Nothing left but brambles
where our berries used to be
Oh, there's nothing left but brambles where our berries used to be

SHE CRIES by @wolfkier

Don't stop to wonder why she cries
For you and sad goodbyes
And moon dogs with their lullabies
She cries, she cries, she cries
Bring time, bring hope, bring love
Bring songs and don't give up
Be sweet, be true, be kind
So tears of joy, are all she cries.

SHE by @kahlo2013

you want her to be sweet
you need her to be true
but you can’t trust her
she’s a wolf in a seductive suit

she’ll scratch you
she’ll make you bleed
she’ll have you
begging for mercy
on your knees

she’ll bite you
she’ll eat you alive
she’ll make you
want to run away
fast to hide

you want her to be loving
you need her to be kind
but you can’t trust her
she’ll attack from behind

SORRY FOR THE WAY by @ferry0123

For the way you think you need to act:
I'm sorry
I know you
You got good dreams and longings too

[wolf choir courtesy of freesound . org]


Marvelous work. The different components are melded together in a seamless and interesting way, yet the components are wonderful in their own right. Very cool stuff…


Great work, @gardeningangel1 ! I was wondering how you'd tie this together... it's done clever, it's done creative.... it's likable and working as a result. Glad to have been part of this team, great job @gardeningangel1 , @fuzzy , @kahlo2013 , @nancycunning , @wolfkier all!


Wow. This turned out great. Thank you @gardeningangel1 for creating such a beautiful setting for the lyrics in the first part and for tying everything together into such a coherent whole. I love how you sing it. I liked how @wolfkier piece seemed to be an angel or a big brother taking on the absentee lover from the first verse, and then @kahlo2013 images of bleeding and scratching and sweetness also tied back to the initial bramble and berry images - almost as if one of the lovers had become the brambles. Then @ferry0123 seems to grant a kind of alien abductors' absolution to everyone involved, waving as the wolves howl at the spaceship lifting off in the desert night.


I enjoyed all the parts so much. They are each a little song with cool music and vocals. I like the different feels to each and then I love the way they meld from one to another. Excellent stitching. Good stuff all around 😀


Incredible stitching together of such disparate strands so seamlessly...and every part sounds individually wonderful yet a piece of the collective whole...a mini-album in itself...congrats to all involved and a great listen!


1. Lovely vox and tender guitar. Clever berry/brambles lyric. 2. Cool WK vox (I always picture you singing with sunglasses on) and nice and floaty music. 3. Catchy unique tune with hints of the 80s and top-class lyrics, particularly "she’s a wolf in a seductive suit." Love the howls! 4. Nice psychedelic swirl - love the loopy bass and Ferry's melodic vocals. and all the effects. 5. Organ sounds like it's from another planet. Verdict: a winner!


Wow! This is so beautiful at the start love the bramble beginning - such wonderful lyrics and gorgeous indie folk feel delivery with such amazing vocals… great collaboration with @nancycunning and @gardeningangel1 - then it transitions into such a wonderful track with great drums leading the way and cool layered vocals by @wolfkier - and then @ferry0123 moves so wonderfully beyond my contribution and does such an amazingly cool trippy piece that is a perfect lead in to that last part with the various bits and pieces and wolves with the haunting organ of @fuzzy … the stitching is brilliant and I love how it morphs from section to section …. Fun challenge and intriguing to listen to! Thanks all for letting me join in!


Well done, really like the drums in this, the wolf choir add some goodness, and lots of feelings expressed in the sound.


Really lovely first bit with the harmonies.
So nice!
Nice rich and full synth work from @wolfkier.
So appealing.
Ah, then Beatle-esque rock from @kahlo2013.
Love that needle guitar line.
Great wobbly guitar from @ferry0123.
A psychedelic masterpiece!
Whoa, nice work, @gardeningangel1, taking my contribution and making it better!
Excellent work @gardeningangel1, with the stitching and for the original idea!


Wow. A schizoid portrait in a schizoid sound sculpture here... Great how the extension parts blended in to the next submission and gave it sonic continuity and the next piece built on them slid through each unsettling shift in narrative. Was quite an experience to do and to hear finished. Great idea and stitiching, GA! And really interesting and compelling individual parts by the talents collected here. I'd play again any time!
My only regret is i'd bet the farm that our Deez would have been in on this one and added his special touch to the flavor profile.