I Like Our New Home

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Inspired by @vivalarayna #firstfruits challenge. A mash-up of this new setup, a new job, and some obscure references.


[D] New [D2] walls
[D] Bright white [D2] walls
And they are [B7] all
Part of our new [A] home

[D] New [D2] floors
[D] Under the bright white [D2] door
That lets everyone in from [B7] before
I like our new [A] home

[A7] So we [G] begin
[A7] Again we [G] begin
[D7] Again
[A7] Create together [G] we win
[A7] Or we don't have [G] to win
Cause [B7] then
Tomorrow's another [A7] day
Where we can [D] play
I like our new [A] home

[D] Upload to the [D2] cloud server
[D] Light a new fuse without [D2] doubt or fervor
We discord and slack for the muse where we [B7] serve her
I like our new [A] home

Repeat chorus

[C7] While I miss some of what we used to be able to do
[B7] I miss some of those private collaborations in private rooms
[A7] We still have our faces and our zooms
[G7] Some places need a clean sweep with big brooms

[D] Another [D2] chit-chat
[D] On a topic of where or what we [D2] begat
This is where I create from all of [B7] that
I like our new [A] home


The walls and the win got through!


So clever… such talent inspires me…


Now that I've finished my part of the morph, I'm going back to listen to the other songs. The guitar has a sort of Beatles "Let it Be" session vibe (it may be the 7th chords? - and then also those up-the-neck chords too), sounds really good though to me. I like the lyric a lot too, a new home is a great experience. I like the idea of people coming through your door. Then I got to thinking this could also be about a "home" that was created online? Made me think.


Aww. That's sweet. I like the melancholy delivery of the upbeat words. That feels a lot like what it feels to move into a new place - physical or virtual - that feeling of trying to convince yourself that it really is better this way, while missing the old world,


A song this welcoming is perfect for firstfruits :-)


aw the sincerity really comes through, i like the feel / pace of it, just simple, straight up, really touching. nice start to this 5090


Wonderful beginning to 50/90. Definitely a change of pace when you move into a new place. We like the change, miss the old, ready for the new. You've created the whole essence of the change. I think with everything that's been happening, this is very relatable to many. Clever rhymes throughout and the performance is thought-provoking. Excellent work!


There an emotional undercurrent here that bubbles up every so often and it's just so nice. It's great :)


I really like this. It’s open hearted and feels appropriately emotional. Of course it works as a meta Fawm song as well as on many other levels, and some great word play in there as well- and I love those descending chords in the bridge!


I've never heard a song quite like this devoted to ones home. I never knew how much I needed to hear a song like this. I immediately understood the delivery and cadence of your vocals and was singing along in the second line. This was a really enjoyable listen, and had to giggle at the rhyme of "chit-chat" and "begat". That kind of word play is always amazing and I'm such a fan of your song! Wonderful job!


I like your positive approach to our new home, even when she's still under construction. It really comes down to making that choice, doesn't it? Very nice mellow and somewhat nostalgic, but still hopeful, sound. Bonus points for using "begat" in the lyrics. I didn't intend for #FirstFruits to be an official challenge, but I'm also fine with folks seeing it as one!


i love this, it gave me Velvet Underground vibes, and a lovely feeling listening to it. Well done, a great start!


This is lovely! I really like the metaphor of settling into a new home, and the gentle guitar performance really brings out the sweet sentimentality that comes with both goodbyes and new beginnings. Well done!


Yeah--"bittersweet" is the perfect adjective for this one. Sometimes sounds a little sad/bitter--and sometimes gentle and sweet. I liked it!! Looking forward to seeing a lot of stuff from you this "season"!


A little sad song. It sounds like you have lost something.


Has some bluesy vibes without being to predictable. Like the chill vibes. Bittersweet is the right word for the song. Especially the "I miss some of what we're used"


This is classic, Andy. So you in every way. And that B7 chord in the verse and chorus adds just the right spice! Also, you said "begat".


Love the relaxing happy melody.


i'm diggin' it


Love the song, Andy... the pace is calm and relaxing, like enjoying a dreamy stroll. And don't forget the house is still under construction! 😄


This is really sweet, Andy, with a hint of pathos. Love it.


This is really bittersweet. Acknowledgement of things lost, but grateful for things kept and new things to come. A really lovely frolicing melody and chord progression. I think Bill nailed it with the Lou Reed meets Mr. Rogers.


What everyone else said Andy. This is a very comfy song, like your new home!


You off to a fine start Andy


aww, what a cozy tune to kick off the 50/90 season with! 😄


This is so sweet. Truly clever and wonderful!

I have to agree with @billwhite51 about the Mr. Rogers connection. That is a good thing :)

I feel all warm inside listening :)


I like this! It's neat how we can tell what it's about, but I don't think you'd have to be a FAWMer to get something out of it. And it's got a lovely feel to it.


Sweet tribute to your space. It's like a love song to your house. So cool.


if one imagines a cross between lou reed and mr rogers, they might discover this song on an enchanted night in the (virtual) neighborhood


Liked it from the first chord. Very gentle song Andy. I like the way it goes expected and then not quite expected! nice one mate