Riding To Get Back Home

by @andygetch

Liner Notes

Writing a song along with @unknownbecky #twitch stream where she wrote this https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/952 , except mine was on a few hours delay. Todays prompts given by stream attendees that I used were 'Feeling small in the universe', 'Full Buck Moon' (okay I snuck that one in from the #fullmoon 5090 challenge as today is Supermoon day), 'In The Middle', 'Webb Telescope'. With the lyrics I felt like using a relative distance measure more relatable than a light-year so instead I used bike-years (as in how long it would take me riding 100 miles a day for 250 days a year). Admittedly, the numbers are incomprehensible to me either way. Musically started doing a guitar track first using an amp with chorus and reverb. However, that just was not feeling connected so I then did several takes singing along with guitar (again guitar through the amp) before I felt okay about it. Doubled the track, slightly offset, and panned with a Garageband acoustic guitar effect on one channel and a vocal effect on the other. Feeling done enough to post though I may revisit.
#12_string_guitar #alternate_tuning down a step DGCFAD
Chords: [actual sound(chord shape)]
[G11(G3rdfret)] - 54ooo5; [Ebadd9no5th(C5thfret)] - x87o6o; [A5/G (A2_4th_fret)] - xo44oo;
[Bbm(A2_5th_fret)] - xo55oo;


[G11(G3rd)] [Ebadd9no5th(C5th)] vamp
Riding my new blue-green bike with black fenders
It'll take me a half hour to get back home
Thunder rumbles lightning flashes cloud to cloud
It'll take a year to go around the world (if I had a paddle-bike to ride the oceans)
Looks like I won't be seeing the full buck moon tonight
Feels like its bike-years away

If my bike could achieve escape velocity
maybe I could ride off this planet
Into the vacuum of space
Never mind needing oxygen food water or gravity for traction
That would still take 10 bike-years
to go for a ride on the full buck moon

[A5/G (A24th)] [Bbm(A25th)] vamp
So tonight
I'm in the middle of the street
Feeling very slow and small
The sun is 5,000 bike-years away
[G11(G3rd)] So I keep riding to get back home
[Ebadd9no5th(C5th)] I'll still read and dream of a brightly colored full buck moon

[G11(G3rd)] [Ebadd9no5th(C5th)]
Really dream big
Go to the edge of this solar system
All the way past Pluto
Thats 148,000 bike-years away
Or maybe ride to the nearest star Proxima Centauri
Thats a billion bike-years away

[[A5/G (A24th)] [Bbm(A25th)]
So tonight
I'm in the middle of the Milky Way
Where the center and the edge are 6 trillion bike-years away
So I keep riding to get back [Ebadd9no5th(C5th)] home
[G11(G3rd)] Even though I'm very slow and small
[Ebadd9no5th(C5th)] I'll still read and dream
[G11(G3rd)] of rainbow colored galaxies


Pondering a bike-year. I like the 12-string strums ringing out, building intensity. "Really dream big" is a great line. The call backs to bike metrics in this dreamlike ride is quite nice.


Who's to say that bike travel to space won't be possible in the near future, @andygetch. This little tune shines with its interesting lyrics, novel sound, and certainly provides fodder to travel to space even while still very much on the ground.


The method of making the guitar sounds is incomprehensible to me. But the spacey sounding effect is so appropriate to the lyric. Like you, i still (zoom into ) attend space seminars from observatories, watch satellites on the space channels, and wonder about the universe. Fascinating song. All .


Woah I dig all the dissonance. It very much sounds like a story with all of the sounds going on and the progression of the lyrics. I’m definitely picturing the image in my head.
Also love the lyric bike-years


That is a wild set of sounds to pull out of a guitar. They feel like a great space ship for all your flights of fancy (rides of fancy, maybe). I started imagining having a bridge where you slowly work out one of the calculations out loud. I like the way it all just ends - maybe this was all what you were thinking about on your bike home.


Oh, this is a delight for science nerds like me. The idea of the bike year as a measure of distance is inspired, as it grounds travel as an active experience that we *do*, not a passive one that simply happens to us. It truly brings home just how big space is. And that fizzy, chorused guitar really grabs the attention, too, as do the occasional hanging notes. I really like this one.


Wow. I love the idea of bike-years and I love how you've played with them here. And the spaciness of the guitar part. This works so well. Definitely feels like lying in the grass, contemplating the stars.


I followed you through space. Saw you riding your blue-green bike with black fenders.
You have created a little movie.
I smiled through the whole song.
Lived the guitar playing so dreamy and spacy.


I think I’m peakin…very cool lyrics and crazy sounding 12 string. The bike years bits are genius. Has me thinking of ET and Star Trek and riding bikes…that guitar sounds like what I imagine outer space sounds like.


I really love the guitar on this … really great sound…. And the creative lyrics are lovely … a metaphysical kind of listening experience thinking about bike years and space. Glad you were able to bring homage to the full buck moon into your song.