Against my better judgement

by @dragondreams

Liner Notes

#slow #instrumental #six-string_bass #duduk #fipple #tenor_recorder #alto_recorder #soprano_recorder #piano
This one started this morning as I was messing with my bass while waiting for my first coffee of the day to kick in. And by this evening, it has completely changed. The original bass riff was quite fast and very busy. The whole thing started life at around 160BPM... It's now 114BPM and had loads of parts added, then removed during the day. 😀
This one was a challenge in that I ended up using three different sizes of recorder and two duduks to cover the full range of the melody! I'd originally sketched the melody part on guitar, and individual recorders and duduks have a limited range.


Another very atmospheric mediation. I wish my masseuse played this instead of the endless slothcore stuff she puts on. 😉


Nice sounds in here and it has a good up-tempo energy to keep it going.


Love the reverby piano intro, in fact the whole song really caught my ear, as the piano intro ended and the drums signalled the entrance to the song. Very prog rock feel to it. Then the 160bpm piano kicks in :-)

As I said, can't put my finger on why, but this is a favourite!


We have talked about that first coffee, dangerous times. Love the fipple inspires me to do more but all my fipples are in store. Lovely well constructed piece!


This was my first listen of the day. What a nice way to wale up. It seemed to meet me in my sleepy state and get me interested in rejoining the world. Thank you for sharing your process. Fun to think about all the music that lives inside the song, and to imagine all that experiment and play.


Beautiful!! @nadine and I are working on a song with a duduk right now. It's such a somber and gorgeous instrument. Is this a real flute or plug-in? It sounds lovely. The entire production is very enjoyable. I mean this as a high compliment, but the vibe reminds me of Yanni or John Tesh.