I've Got Your Back

by @cindyrella

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Liner Notes

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I head the phrase I've got your back and thought of this.


I've Got Your Back
© 2022 Cindy Prince

I love everything about you
You make my heart beat
Don't know what'd I do without you
Youre both sexy and sweet

I treasure every part of you
Both the laughter and pain
All my days seem brand new with you
Like the sun after the rain

I've got your back
I've got your thighs
I've got your sweet lips
You are my prize
I've got your tenderness
I've got your long hair
I've got all of you
And nothing else compares to you

Come here darling
Let me kiss all of your fingers
Let's love the night away
And then savor what lingers

I crave everything about you
Your kisses, your touch
Your amazing heart is so true
And I love you so much

Repeat chorus


Sexy and romantic...a difficult line to navigate but you manage it perfectly with these sensuous lyrics Cindy!