Migraine, Yougraine, Theygraine

by @headfirstonly

Liner Notes

#metal #loud #stroppy #distortion #personal-health

Never had one, for which I count myself extremely lucky. Instead, this is based on descriptions from a couple of friends who suffer from them and on Oliver Sacks's book, "Migraine" (which, like all of his works, is a wonderfully warm and humanist read.)


Feeling pain without the need to bleed
Sit back and feel the world recede
Not a nice surprise
Spots before your eyes
That aura's turning incandescent
There's nothing you can do
Grit your teeth and see it through
What happens next will be unpleasant


Maybe you were slipped a Mickey Finn?
Too late now, it's starting to begin
This is the part you hate
Starting to dissociate
Any sense of self becoming fractured
You're just a helpless ape
Knowing that there's no escape
Its iron grip has got you captured

You think you can't take any more?
That's when it slams you to the floor
Wave after wave wave of pain
Rolling back then hits again
Now you're at the mercy of the storm
Too weak to scream or shout
Buckle up and ride it out
After this, you'll feel you've just been born


Thiis is EXACTLY what not to listen to when you have a migraine. (Which is a compliment. 😀 ). You have definitely captured the vibe. I liked that you pronounced it ME-graine.


Another great one from you--so professional.

Thanks for your comment on my "country romp"--AND thanks for the recommendation on that "Everything Everywhere All At Once" movie, which I did indeed watch over the weekend and very much enjoyed!

I'm just realizing I didn't do any heavy metal this 50/90 season. I'm thinking maybe it's not really my forte anyway--and I'd rather just listen to the stuff that you masters put out! Great job!


This was a very worthwhile write. Something about the distortion seemed appropriate to the topic. The instrumental part/bridge is very, very cool. Good rhymes and (unfortunately!) very relatable. At least I know I don't suffer alone!


Love the heaviness of this - I'm listening through crap speakers so it was only a fraction of its "true self" but it sounded awesome nonetheless. Great rhythmic chorus, great lyrical conceit - and an interesting and empathetic idea to try to represent a medical condition you don't experience musically. I have about one a year and they are a right arse-ache. Though getting the visual distortions are undeniably cool. But the fun is slightly tempered when you know that they almost definitely presage a deeply unpleasant headache.


That's a very cool, heavy riff - not something you'd want to listen to with a migraine. Chorus is some nice wordplay.


Soundtrack for those "just been born."
Nice and heavy.