mama told me

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#electronic #soul #mama #a_little_weird #vocal_samples
I remember.


That gloriously wobbly waltz swings so right; the selection of instruments and samples are utterly masterful. You've excelled yourself with this one. Only a little weird? This is chart material!


You’re still rocking it, friend!

Never change, splitty. Never change.

First time I seen 50/90 because it is on the FAWM site, and this is such a great way to meet up again. Maybe I’ll do a track or two for the first time!

Take care,
- Caleb K.


Ooooo I love that 6/8 time signature…it just has a kind of magic to it. This is awesome dude.


Really like the opening with the sample that's changing pitch in a way that makes it sound like it's speeding up and slowing down, and the way it sits against the beat. The brass is great. Overall a very soulful vibe.


Love when those horns come in. Intro is stellar. Lots of soul to this. Another great one.


Cool intro, nice vibe. Then a little bit of soul, then the horns. Very nice.

Great groove in the middle.


Sweeet! Brass ,vocals, drums...all the stuff I love in a single package Splitty.
Keep it coming but save some for MagaMind.. ;-)


this pings my ears. then the electrochestra comes pouring down the middle, clean slicing my head.