I was there for you

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#electronic #fawmtronica #edm #vocal_samples

Pushing to 50.


Rockin in my chair...and not a rockin' chair..lol Vocals samples are so cool..radio ready!!!!


Excellent vocal work and treatments - love your use of diverse vocal tones to create a picture that projects a real joy - the way things shift back and forth, but still move ahead - hinting to the past but eyes on the forward momentum. Awesome instrumentation and rhythms adds to the playfulness - the sound of sunshine and life giving energies. Inspiring!


Very atmospheric. Such a cool array of synth textures, complemented by the well-chose. vocal samples. Really feels like being in a club in Ibiza in the early hours. Which is weird, because I’ve never been to Ibiza and only very rarely been in a club in the early hours….


Oh this is fun! The vocal samples pop it at exciting times. LOVE the drums! Dancing, dancing, dancing...


Whoa cool his is tight love the drum sounds the bit crushes and the warbly things as well as those vocal samples that you always weave so perfectly