Then Comes Five WK100 (vol8)

by @wolfkier @ferry0123

Liner Notes

Here's the eighth and final volume dividing up the #WK100 collection. Release day is TODAY Sunday 9/11/22
The player above will auto play the 12 songs of vol8
Find out more about thie release at my forum post:
And here''s the volume 8 album link:
Find the whole 100 song collection here:

Please let me know if you have a fave or faves that I should put on a WK:BEST20 album to distribute to spotify etc!. I'lll add your name to the track list below as you vote!


Buy any one of these 8 sub albums on bandcamp and when the WK:BEST20 album is ready at end of september I'll send you a free download link for it!!
Which woolfchoon from this group do you think would make a first time listener want to seek out more?

Thanks to all including co-producer @ferry0123 ! My dear dear friend.


For lyrics visit the album page scroll beside the song titles and you'll find the link that makes the lyric drop down below the song:

Here's the track listing for volume 8: (I'll add here any votes fo the WK:BEST20 album)
1. Hey Katie 02:51 @katestantonsings @sheslin
2. Summer Number One 02:52 @wolfkier @ferry0123 @sbs2018
3. Mrs. Wilson 03:14 @sbs2018 @ferry0123
4. Miss You More 02:53 @gm7 @sbs2018 @nadine
5. Something That Is 03:23
6. Little Bit More 02:47 @sbs2018
7. If I'm Silent 03:09 @sbs2018
8. What's The Dream? 02:31
9. How Much I 02:42
10. Hitchhiker 03:23 @wolfkier
11. Real This Time 02:51 @wolfkier @gm7 @sbs2018
12.Then Comes Five 03:18 @sbs2018 @ferry0123 @dzdandcunfsd @wolfkier @heliosonorous @thedutchwidows


Hey Katie-

This has a monster bass line, the keys glisten in here, cool breakdown, powerful track!


Mrs. Wilson has an intro I can't help but really sets the tone for the rest of the song. Tragic, intriguing. Fav!


Another top album for me - Summer Number One, Mrs. Wilson, Miss You More, Little Bit More, If Iā€™m Silent, Real This Time, and, of course, Then Comes Five (already noted).


Oh sorry - yes, Hey Katie! Now I understand why the "Then Comes Five" title did not make sense for the song šŸ˜€


@sheslin Thank you so much, but which particular song of 12 on this volume are you writing about? I'm asuming it's the first "Hey Katie". Please correct me if I'm wrong.


I am totally digging the rhythm to this one. I think it is 4/4 but so many things are done in groups of 8 beats that make it sound very cool. Kind of like a circle which is great prosody for your lyrics. The repetitive bass riff is very captivating. I appreciate how you changed it up also. I like the repetition or call and answer in your vocals also. The vocals sound great over this track and I like the deep gravel you get in your voice. It cuts through the mix in a very cool way. The sprinkling of the synth bells is a nice touch. Awesome song!