Mens Rea WK100 (vol7)

by @wolfkier @ferry0123

Liner Notes

Here's the seventh volume of eight dividing up the #WK100 collection. Release day is TODAY Sunday 9/11/22
The player above will auto play the 12 songs of album 7 of 8.
Find out more about thie release at my forum post:
And here''s the volume 7 album link:
Find the whole 100 song collection here:

Please let me know if you have a fave or faves that I should put on a WK:BEST20 album to distribute to spotify etc!. I'lll add your name to the track list below as you vote!
Buy any one of these 8 sub albums on bandcamp and when the WK:BEST20 album is ready at end of september I'll send you a free download link for it!!
Which woolfchoon from this group do you think would make a first time listener want to seek out more?

Thanks to all including co-producer @ferry0123 ! My dear dear friend.


For lyrics visit the album page scroll beside the song titles and you'll find the link that makes the lyric drop down below the song:

Here's the track listing for volume 7: (I'll add here any votes fo the WK:BEST20 album)

1.Take A Chance On This 03:04 @sbs2018
2. Stealth 03:00 @wolfkier (but what do I know?)
3. No Kiss Happens Twice (El Segundo Knows) 03:00 @sbs2018
4. Down By The Ferry Dock 02:57 @sbs2018
5. The Night Has Its Price 02:47 @ferry0123 @sbs2018
6. Find Out For Yourself 02:44
7. Strangers Again v1 03:11
8. Love Gone South 02:46 @wolfkier
9. Standby, It's Time 02:53
10. Bury Mary 03:01 @dzdandcunfsd (miss you bud, you should be here today!) @heliosonorous @ferry0123 @wolfkier
11. Eyes Can't See 02:59 @sbs2018
12. Ran Out Of Steam 04:07


@sbs2018 my records show you have 32 faves so far.... You're doing good. My list is 37. :)
Don't worry about the number.... just go for it... the other voters will help sharpen the overal faves ....
Thank you again, my friend.


I lost count on how many favorites I've marked. Will have to revisit them to cut them down to 20 super favorites. :)

"Take a Chance on This" beat is so awesome! Dancing in my chair. Guitar is super! Add this one to my super favorite list.
"El Segundo Knows" isn't a super favorite so we can move that one.
"Down By The Ferry Dock" is a contender - love the rhythm and guitar - but is it a super favorite?
"The Night Has Its Price" is also awesome. The vocals have a rhythm all their own creating a body vibe.


The reason for the title maybe I'll explain some day.... :)
Thanks for heads up. Demo fixed...!


Confused by the name of this album and there’s no demo. Placeholder?