Mescaline WK100 (vol6)

by @wolfkier @ferry0123

Liner Notes

Here's the sixth volume of eight dividing up the #WK100 collection. Release day is TODAY Sunday 9/11/22
The player above will auto play the 12 songs of album 6 of 8. (the 13th is a bonus hidden track!)
Find out more about thie release at my forum post:
And here''s the volume 6 album link:
Find the whole 100 song collection here:

Please let me know if you have a fave or faves that I should put on a WK:BEST20 (LOL, hi @sbs2018) album to distribute to spotify etc!. I'lll add your name to the track list below as you vote!
Buy any one of these 8 sub albums on bandcamp and when the WK:BEST20 album is ready at end of september I'll send you a free download link for it!!
Which woolfchoon from this group do you think would make a first time listener want to seek out more?

Thanks to all including co-producer @ferry0123 ! My dear dear friend.


For lyrics visit the album page scroll beside the song titles and you'll find the link that makes the lyric drop down below the song:

Here's the track listing for volume 6: (I'll add here any votes fo the WK:BEST20 album) (which BTW will also hold 3 or 4 bonus cover songs. )

1 Mescaline 03:30
2. A Town Called Carnage 03:02 @wolfkier @dzdandcunfsd
3. The Big Trapeze (Let It Go) 03:29 @wolfkier @ferry0123
4, Snake Over a Waterfall 03:13 @wolfkier @ferry0123 @rayboneor @nadine
5. Be Free 03:33 @wolfkier @ferry0123 @rayboneor
6. Dotted Line 03:15
7. Punch Drunk (Singing The Praises Of) 03:35
8. Some Folks Are Crazy 03:02 @wolfkier @ferry0123
9.Inside 03:18
10. Light It Up, Tear it Down 02:54 @heliosonorous @ferry0123 @rayboneor @nadine
11. Just Sayin' 01:24 @rayboneor
12. Rest Now 02:55 @sbs2018

Light it Up, Tear it Down is pretty hot. I liked Snake Over a Waterfall a lot. The guitar/drum/bass on Be Free is amazing


The instrumentation resonates with me for 'crazy': the penetrating guitars in the intro... the horns doing a great job, both in 'fun' and the feeling 'oh my, get away from the craze'. Fav! Oh, talking about 'Some folks are crazy' :)


@rayboneor Thanks for the support, Danny, I added your faves to the vote tally....
And I don't know if you've noticed but you're included on the thank you list on the WK100 full set!
Thank you, my friend. For many years you've been an amazing supporter, willing to indulge all my caprices and indulgeces! :)


@sbs2018. Sorry, my friend, I was exhausted. Your vote is fixed. Thanks for catching me out again!!! :)


Please replace “Snake Over A Waterfall” with “Rest Now.” I don’t really remember liking the Snake song …


Yeah, Snake over a waterfall is instantly likable. The tension bass and piano creates, very wow-y :) The quieter parts are really nice as well. Mindlblowing title as well!