I found a book in your trunk

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

It was a weird experience to me too
but I did the first song
hope you enjoy
good night


I found a book in your trunk
About taking over the world
Inspired by Jung and Freud
But you know post docs makes me uncomfy

So I invited you for coffee
Although I know you’ll never love me
But maybe you have a friend who will
Clean my house and make me pay the bills

And I’ll try and catch your eye for years
And I’ll shed a tear here and there
To let you know how you did me wrong
Maybe you already know with this song

But I’m just an actor who waits for the curtain to fall
I just don’t want to be naked when they do their final call
Maybe there’s a chance that you won’t ever reveal
That I was just here to beg, cry and steal

I found a book in your trunk
I don’t see you’ll ever take over the world
We were here, soon we’ll be gone
The future belongs where the future belongs

/: I’m just here to cry and steal some hearts :/


Love the acoustic guitar and your passionate smooth vocal.
Nice lyrical lines, like... The future belongs where the future belongs.


I couldn't resist the title on this and had to click on it! I love these lines: Although I know you'll never love me/But maybe you have a friend who will.


I love the way the lyric moves from a observation to a life story! cool lyric really well delivered.


This was a real interesting tune, the guitar was a great backing and your vocals had a lot of personality and quirks. There were a lot of cool aspects to your delivery and it made this quite an enjoyable song!


niiice, i feel like i'm listening to this at an open mic on a warm, summer evening! your vocal delivery is awesome & the guitar suites it well! 😄