by @kim_otcj

Liner Notes

The third song off my rockabilly album. And today I'm going down the studio to finish the next batch of them.

#rocknroll #rockabilly #psychobilly #rock


Is there something broken in my head?
Cos I don't get anything anybody said
They keep talking and then flap their mouths about
But the interpretation leaves a lot to doubt
Am I a madman? Or do they make no sense?
I don't know what it is that's going through their heads

Don't call me mad, cos I'm not mad
Cos I'm the sane one, and you're the madman

I don't know why the people scream and shout
Why they say that there are madmen all about
Cos I'm just minding my own business here today
There's no reason to be acting out this way
Am I the madman? Because that makes no sense
Everything I do I do in self-defense

The judge said they should lock me up today
And I wouldn't get out if he had his way
He said I should reflect on what I did
Which is nothing, I didn't do a thing
Am I a madman? It's what the people say
I'm a madman, and they locked me away


Catchy lyric on the page that becomes infectious in song with that "Am I a madman?"; "I'm a madman." Fab rockabilly! Fun, quirky delivery that rocks solid. Great sound and perfectly-fitting drums and guitar. All reminds me of B52s. Cool song, man!


Awesome. Love that solo. Takes me back to the music I grew up with!


this is the kind of rock-solid rock and roll that you cant argue with. you go a little psychobilly in parts but the foundation here is, at least to my ears, closer to chuck berry than the cramps. cant get enough of it.