Felony Charges

by @massnerdy

Liner Notes

Song 26. Coming out of a creative slump. Lots of loss and change and I'm trying to keep up. I got away from the craziness of life for a night and brought my guitar.

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I had a panic attack
When I said it and meant it
And I can't take it back
Time machine's not invented

If love feels this pure
Is it considered illicit?
Not as a drug, but maybe as in
It feels like a crime to miss it

But my love is locked away
And it has to be this way
I'm a convict,
Through and through
Guilty of missing you

If I'm on good behavior,
Keeping under control,
Doing work without a word,
Any chance of parole?

Now I've started some fights,
Cause prison ain't free
I'm tender, but have to be tough,
Rejected: life sentence for me

But prison feels like the right call
I'll never snitch, my love's too strong
I'm a good man
Through and through
Guilty of missing you


...what @kahlo2013 said!
The prison metaphor is a good one and really holds the song together, plus you have interesting rhymes. Good writing and performing!


This one looks interesting but there's no link to hear the song. Tech difficulties maybe? Let me know if it gets fixed!


I love your gentle and easy going matter of fact delivery with the lovely melody. Your vocals are so wonderfully clear and the guitar is great. The honesty and vulnerability in the lyric makes this feel very intimate. The song dives into the heart!