Certain Of The Truth: WK100 (vol3)

by @wolfkier @ferry0123

Liner Notes

Here's the third volume of the WK100 collection.
The player above will auto play the 13 songs of album 3 of 8.
Find out more about thie release at my forum post: https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/forums/263

Find the whole 100 song collection here: https://wolfkier.bandcamp.com/album/wolf-kier-wk100

Please let me know if you have a fave or faves that I should put on a WK:BEST15 album to distribute to spotify etc!. Which woolfchoon from this group do you think would make a first time listener want to seek out more?

Thanks to all including co-producer @ferry0123 ! My dear dear friend.


For lyrics visit the album page scroll beside the song titles and you'll find the link that makes the lyric drop down below the song: https://wolfkier.bandcamp.com/album/certain-of-the-truth-wk100-vol3

Here's the track listing for volume3: (I'll add here any votes fo the WK:BEST15 album)
1. Certain Of The Truth 03:41
2.Nevermore (I Swear, I Swore) 02:40 @sbs2018 @heliosonorous
3. Fashion Demands 02:48 @sbs2018 @nadine @ferry0123 @wolfkier
4. Above The Rubble (Waits The Sky) 02:40
5. Said The Monkey To The Chimpanzee 02:43
6. Overload 03:26
7. TILT 03:06
8. Crawlspace 02:54 @ferry0123
9. A Dark And Sinister Spice 03:19 @ferry0123
10. Lover Come Quick 02:49
11. Not This Time 03:29
12. Good Enough 02:51 @ferry0123 @sbs2018
13.Periphery (Edge Of My Dreams) 02:55


Yeah, add Fashion Demands for me to my list of favorites, my friend. The song is otherworldly and fashionable. Highly likable too.


My favorites are "Nevermore ("I Swear, I Swore"), "Good Enough," and "Fashion Demands" (lol!).