Time Passes, Listen WK100 (vol1)

by @wolfkier @ferry0123

Liner Notes

Release day is Sunday 9/11/22 for the #Wk100 collection. 18 months of work reworking, remixing, revising, remastering 100 of my best & favee songs from 16 years of songwriting (and 12 years of FAWMing).
The full album will have 100 songs and 2 bonus tracks. To make the monolith a little easier to digest I've divided the songs into 8 volumes of 12/13 songs vaguly sorted by style/theme/feel/era. Here's volume1.
The player above will play through all 12 tracks (but not the bonus track, which is an alt (original) version of track8).
Purchase link: https://wolfkier.bandcamp.com/album/time-passes-listen-wk100-vol1
Any FAWMer who purchases any one of the 8 sub-albums or full collectioin in Sept/Oct will recieve a free download of a 20track "WK best of best" album that I'll put together before month's end, it will include at least 3 of my best/favorite covers & a couple other bonus surprises.
If you buy this or any of the 8 albums of the collection on bandcamp (fat chance) but if , please leave a review there and share it with your peeps. The songwriting & production thing, I've learned alot about, the marketing, not so much. .
To aid the "best of" selection, please, after listening, please mention which of the tracks you think are "best of" contenders.
Rather than flood spotify etc with 100 songs that no one will ever know is there, I'm going to only upload the "best of" so your input is helpful. Which wolfchoons would inspire a first time listener to seek out more??
I've added @ferry0123 as a collab on this, He is truly worthy of the title co-producer of WK100. For the last 10+ years, and especially these 18 months of the *project", he's been putting in countless hours of support, listening, care, advice, opinion. Thank you my dear friend. We did it!
email. wolfkierr/gmail


For lyrics visit the album page: https://wolfkier.bandcamp.com/album/time-passes-listen-wk100-vol1
If you hover beside each song title, you'll see a lyrics link appear, click and the words will drop down under the title during play.
The WK100 album is here with thank yous to many of my dear friends here added. I hope I've got everybody., if you're not included, nudge me via email WOLFKIER(at)GMAIL(dot)COM.....

For more about the official release of WK100 see my forum post: https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/forums/263

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged "this".

Here's the track listing for volume1: (I'll add here any votes fo the WK:BEST20 album)
1. Time Passes, Listen 03:15 @aneil @heliosonorous @andrea
2. Oh Samantha 03:17
3. Deaf Girl On The Highway 03:17
4. Sleep, Mama, Sleep 03:17 @sbs2018 @andrea @lowhum @wolfkier @ferry0123
5. Get Well Soon 03:28 @sbs2018 @andrea
6. Married On A Sunday (NSFW) 02:52 @heliosonorous @wolfkier @nadine
7. The Gallery Heist 03:27 @sbs2018 @nadine
8. Same Name, Same Skin (V2) 02:41 @andrea @nadine
9. Sally Like A Book 01:54 @ferry0123
10. Chase The Hope Horse 03:10
11. Osvaldo's Dog And Pony Show 02:39 @lowhum
12.. Autopsy 02:50 @andrea
13. HIDDEN BONUS TRACK: Same Name, Same Skin (v1) (2010)


The new mix for Time Passes.... very likable, but (ON EARPHONES) I think the overall bass is slightly boomy, and when I heart the kick without the bass guitar (1.05-1.15) the kick is also slightly boomy as well-- too much energy to my ear's taste.


Time passes:
I like the intro - it sounds like an orchestra warming up. I also like your relatively untouched vocals - they sound great! I like the octave thing and the driving tempo - it is like 4/4 but sounds twice as fast with the accompaniment in some places - like a ticking clock. Great lyrics too. and melodies too.


Sally like a book! (new, but actually an old favorite)


Sleep mama sleep and Osvaldo


@andrea thank you! Never too many LOL... :)
But I am looking to count up the most favorited ones for the best of album WK:BEST20 so I'll take your Same Name as well and we'll see if you need to reorganize your list should you listen to any more of these volumes... !
I'll add your votes to the tracklist above now...
Thanks again.


My favorites are Time passes, Listen (my very favorite!), Sleep Mama Sleep, Get Well Soon, and Autoposy. Is that too many? I also liked Same Name, Same Skin, but now that is 5, so I'll leave that off the list 😏


My favorites on this album are "Sleep Mama Sleep," (I mean, who doesn't love this one), "Get Well Soon" ("shake your booty" good in spite of the topic), and "The Gallery Heist" for the comedy).


Really great track