by @kim_otcj

Liner Notes

More rockabilly, although I'm starting to wander more into psychobilly territory, with that B-Movie horror aesthetic. I made a video for this, but I managed to lose the clip of my singing, so you'll just have to watch me playing.

#rock #rockabilly #psychobilly


I'm going down the graveyard
Cos that's the place to dance
All the zombies and the skellingtons
They're all holding hands

Going down the graveyard
At midnight after dark
Once a year on Halloween
It becomes a grooving scene
Just because you're undead
Doesn't mean you got no heart

I'm going down the graveyard
Gonna take my pick and spade
Gonna dig up all the bodies from
Where centuries they laid


Oh my, this has a bit of that garage rock sound I love so much.
Love that video.
Excellent tune here for sure.


this should be on the soundtrack if they make a pet semetary 3.


I can hear a goth vibe in the vocals, and you've definitely nailed the rockabilly feel. Nice grooves going on especially with the drums and guitars.


Nice. This reminds me of some of the bands I grew up with: The Animals, The Ventures, Duane Eddy. That kind of thing. Fun, old school flavor.