I choose day

by @dragondreams

Liner Notes

Another #fipple #improvisation. But with a slight difference. I'm one of the unfortunate wind players who has the wrong shape of mouth and can't get a note out of any kind of edge-blown aerophone, such as a fife, flute or piccolo.
However, I have Reaper and one of the built-in plug-ins allows me to play my #tenor_recorder into a mic and trigger a flute VSTi using NI Kontakt.
And yesterday I was reminded about the 1968 album "Inside" by Paul Horn. Horn took his flute into the Taj Mahal and recorded his playing and singing, utilising the natural 28 second reverb tail of the Taj Mahal's dome.
I tried to recreate this long reverb using Stone Voices Ambient Reverb VST, and then sat here for a few minutes improvising a melody. So what you hear is a #one_take #improvised #instrumental #meditation on a Tuesday morning (hence the title). 😉

I'm happy to make the stems available, or feel free to snag this mp3 and do stuff with it. Just tag me if you do. 😀




Gorgeous. So atmospheric. An edge of mystery surrounds this meditation. It could have gone on for 20 minutes and I'd still have been fascinated.

PS I am very curious about the plug in for Reaper you say can trigger another sound. Can it do that for vocals too? Could I sing a melody and have reaper reproduce it as MIDI info?


Very gentle and peaceful, nice chill track.


Sweet and dreamy. Perfect for My meditation Time.


It has meditation all over it, very calming. The reverb really adds atmosphere. You mentioned this Reaper plug-in and I wondered when it would make an appearance, probably won't be the last time.


A wonderful and calm mood comes through this!


This is marvelous! It's be great in a movie. Love it!


@dragondreams Very beautiful! 👍


another dose of fipple for my pleasure! love the big reverb here! i get the slightly asiany feel! oh my visual i see very green grass - a river flowing glaring sunshine