Which Ones We Are

by @ttg105

Liner Notes

#synthy #organ

This was inspired by the HBO series "The Rehearsal."


I hired an actor to play me
and one to play you
and two others
to play the actor who was playing me
and the actor who was playing you
then they hired actors
to play themselves
and so on and so on
and now I don't know
which ones we are


Great bass line here! Good lyrics! Liking this!


Once again, I finished reading before the song really got going. I love the concept. I've always thought that I needed an actor to play myself, because I'm not doing a great job. This grooves along so sweetly with that grinding bass and lovely organ. Your bass always sounds great. You've reminded me that I need to do another song with the line, "I am not an actor, but I play one on TV."


Your lyrics remind me of the Charlie Kaufmann film "Synecdoche, New York".
I'm liking that bass groove coupled with the organ.
Yeah, perfect lyrics here.
I like all the space you've left in here; it's pretty busy sounding and yet sparse at the same time.
Great work.


Mmm, the sound of fresh bass strings. Delicious! Interesting idea in the lyrics; dropping down the rabbit hole of self-reference that's simultaneously a facade, performed by actors. And me being me, I want to know which actor you'd pick to play you...


I get Kim Salmon and The Surrealists vibes from this. But you might not know who that who that is.


This is too cool and creative! Love the idea and performance!


this reminds me of a play i was in in which the director cast two or three persons in each role..at times all of us were on stage at the same time. at one poing im on stage proposing marriage when two other mes come on and repeat all my lines, but with their own gestures.again, your bass lines are monumental and the organ keeps flying across like a helicopter