Music Can Make You Happy

by @mikeb

Liner Notes

Continuing to work on my rock opera! In the dining room/cafeteria of the "orphanage" where the teens are housed, video screens on the walls are constantly playing anti-rock and roll propaganda and songs. This is one.
This song's roots run deep - first, I decided a 3/4 (waltz) beat is so "not rock", that it was a start. Then I thought back to the first time i ever played music in front of anyone - 10 or 11 years old, me on clarinet and my dad on piano as we played to a hundred old women (my grandmother's 'Order of the Eastern Star' banquet) - the HORROR! LOL Just annoying enough that when played on repeat, it will drive those teens a little crazy.



Music Can Make You Happy © 2022 Michael J Birch

Music can make you happy
Music is for everyone you know
Fun to listen or even dance to
But not that terrible rock and roll

Music can make you happy
Music can take the dark from your soul
Except for that very evil music
Known as rock and roll

If you hear those electric guitars
You know things have gone too far
Plug your ears, the fear is real
Rock and roll is nothing but evil
Rock and roll is nothing but evil


Very pleasant. I like the 3/4 time, nice contrasts between verse, chorus, and bridge. Piano, clarinet, vocals all excellent. Nice one!


I've already purchased my tickets for opening night! Looking forward to seeing this rock opera--and this song will be the hit!


this music is perfect for a take-pff o those moralistic fear groups.idont know if it was ntentional, but on the line "Plug your ears, the fear is real" the vocal phrasing departs from that propagandistic waltz tempo and comes close to something like 3/4 rock and roll/ super job all around and i liked this one a lot.