Innocent Song About Birthday Cake

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#fun #silly #cake

Cake is good.


how fun! Haha I always enjoy what you do, and it's clear to me that you have fun doing this. Nicely done!


Hahaha this is making me smile!
Lovely birthday energy here; I can see all the little kids bopping around the living room to this.
Great title, too.
So good!


this would be a perfect song to put on the soundsystem very loud at a childs birthday party to signify the time has come to gather round and sing the cake.


Birthday cake and innocence? Well- you made it happen though I will say that there's always been a hint of decadence with BDCs in my experience. Lots and lots of frosting (especially in the corner pieces or if one has the flower or balloon ornaments) and brick-size slices of yellow cake goodness! I dig how you make these tunes sound like track beds for anime shorts. Incredible!


Haha! This would totally work as a J-pop song! Delicious funsies at your mixing desk I can tell. Thanks for spreading these infectious happy birthday vibes!


Cake! Yes, cake. I am totally on board with this. That was great fun. One to dance to at birthday parties!


This made me smile for the entire 2:12 plus some


Cake! Cake! Birthday cake! Deliciously quirky and delightful. Fun beat and vocal samples. It has a celebratory dance feel!