That Moment After You Get Asked A Question You Don't Know The Answer To During A Conference Call

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#electronic #brain_fuzz #dark_atmos

I recently found myself in a new position at work, and I'm often looked to as an expert on certain subjects.
I ain't no expert on nothing.
They ask me questions, and it feels like 30 minutes pass before I can speak.
And during that faux 30 mins which is more like 3 seconds, it feels like my mind is opening 1,000 doors in my brain looking for the room with the answers to the questions.
This song captures the hallway in my mind that those doors are in, the act of searching for the right door, opening the door to find the wrong room/wrong answer, and how massively vast the hallway itself seems in those crucial seconds before you look and sound like an idiot.


I think you definitely captured that feeling. Lots of fun sounds. I really like the aggressive fuzzy bass. The build up is great. I love when it all comes together around 1:30. Nice one!


Woah I can totally relate to this. I love how you described it as opening several doors only to find the wrong room. The sound really captures that.


I have absolutely been in similar scenarios. Don't like 'em and yes, they feel just like your composition sounds. The fuzz/drill tones feel like the mechanics are constantly working to open those doors. And I love the feel of "searching" - that's the single note strike I hear. You synthesized a feeling/mood, sir. Well done!


Love the title. That insistent buzz is a perfect metaphor for the brain's equivalent of a "File not found" message. You've assembled a gorgeous set of complementary sounds in this, all blended together beautifully. Dramatic, dynamic, and very enjoyable!


I have a conference call coming up in an hour or so. This reminds me that I should probably check what it's about. I'm not feeling quite the sense of dread about it that this tune suggests, although I know that feeling well! Very good.


If you wrote a book and scored it I would read and listen to that. Your brain hallway sounds similar to mine except there is more maniacal laughter in mine due to my self destructive parts of my personality. Great concept and execution you are (insert poignant metaphor) and as (insert sincere yet cliché simile)


Brilliant! Although my mind would sound a lot more frenzied with panic!


This is a wonderful illustration/personification of that feeling as contained in the title (a feeling so many of us have, too!) great work here- those dark sounds with that ticking sound in the background are a perfect illustration of the whole thing! Love the way it gains in intensity all the way thru!

kind of a reverse and darker 'jeopardy' theme, perhaps ?