Magic in Real-time

by @nahlej381 @djtjb @gm7 @splittybooms @megamind

Liner Notes

been working on composing 808 sub bass stuff...trying to just add more tools to my production tool kit...after i did some choppin/screwing/synthesizing, i turned to Mega Mind to help polish this one up and they came through as per usual!

Nahlej: choppin/screwing/production
DJTJB: keys
Splittybooms: Keys/production
Gm7: Geetars

#sample_wars #cease_fire #lo_fi #fawmtronica #experimental #videogamemusic


Oooh, I love the slow burn that draws me right in and makes me want to float along the waves of sonic sweetness like an aural cotton candy ride but with the meat of some tasty slow cooked ribs. Now I'm hungry but I can't go get something to eat because I'm still listening to this tasty treat.


I'm with @jerrypettit! This makes me want to get up from my seat at work and move around! Great energy and production. The guitars are HOT!


Jeez, this is just terrific. Makes me want to go for a walk in nature with this on my earphones. Naw...too exhausting. I think I'll just listen to it on the couch. Over and over. REALLY great!


Such a pro prod...excellent clarity and compelling and seductive...
High All Five!


I was lured in by the wonderful title! You all have created a cool soundscape - love the percussive choices, the ethereal vocals, how the sections flow so nicely into each other, the cool change-ups, really love what is going on around 2:50 where it all comes together. - just a really great listen. I am amazed that 5 people worked on this. Really well done @nahlej381 @djtjb @splittybooms @gm7 @megamind


This pulls me right through beginning to end. Great groove with plenty going on, while still having enough space to breathe (and occasionally look around and take stock). Nice 5-way collab!


great vibe. what a smooth blend of all your contributions, creates such a wash of atmosphere and whole sound. It's like a properly baked cake! Fantastic collab


Yeah man, this was a joy to add to; you all already established such a gorgeous music bed to toss and turn and throw pillows in. Made it real easy to vibe to. Thanks for the invite. Loved working on this one. @megamind unite!


I like the woozy quality to this.
Pretty chill for sure.
Nice headphone guitar bouncing back and forth.
I also like the slightly menacing vocals.
The "futuristic tabla" bass is really nice blooping around in there.
Really wonderful collab here, folks!


Turning my speakers right the way up to fully enjoy all that lovely sub bass. And wowzers, it's huuuuge. Love how the high frequency choir-like synths and samples complement the low stuff. Nice video game blips and blops in the background. My kid just came up with the Switch, and I can confirm that this goes surprisingly well with whatever Mario Odyssey level he was playing. Great work Team!