by @cindyrella

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Liner Notes

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I have often felt like I've known loved ones before, and I knew a couple years ago, that when he first saw her, he said, "There you are!" He said he recognized her from another lifetime.


© 2022 Cindy Prince

Were we star crossed lovers long ago?
Was I your lady and you my beau?
There is something about you I already know

Were we members of a native tribe?
Have I always been your bride?
This feeling I can't easily describe

Through the ribbon of time
Through the circle of life
You have always been mine
I have before been your wife
Through both joy and grief
We've had this journey before
This is more than a belief
We are one forevermore

Were we peasants in Ireland or France?
Did we have a forever romance?
Meeting you again isn't just a chance

Were we in ancient Egypt or Rome?
Were we royalty with a golden throne?
All I know is I'm once again home

Repeat chorus


You describe the wonder with ease with all the rhyming lines. And I enjoyed the chorus too. It'll make a hopeful, sweet song. Very light-hearted and heart-felt! Great imaginative scenarios!


Love the concept and you develop it so well making it so romantic and tender. I once had a girlfriend in what I thought was a serious monogamous relationship who I learned was having liaisons with others - she justified it based on their relationships in previous past lives - perhaps that was true … but even if so that didn’t really work for me …. But I like it a lot in your song they way you bring it to life …