I Free Myself (Blues Edition)

by @tcelliott

Liner Notes

UPDATE: I added music myself. You can, too, if you want.

I'm focusing on writing lyrics for this 50/90. Here is one of them.

If you would like to add music and make a demo then please feel free. You can let me know and I'll add you to this posting or you can make a new post and add me as a collaborator. You do not need to ask permission first. You can also mash up, change, mar, mold, manipulate, ruin, improve or otherwise change this lyric without asking permission as long as it doesn't support apartheid etc.,. If you need to ask then please just don't.

#needs_music #needs_collab #minimalism


I free myself from earthly bounds
My thoughts escape my body
I reject the mortal crown
A spiritual autopsy


this is super stylish and bluesy.
Excellent stuff.


Hmmm - "A spiritual autopsy" like this, gives a sorta inward reflective perspective