Closing Bracket)

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

I wrote a song called "(Unbalanced parenthesis" and so I felt it was important to write one with the corresponding closing bracket. So, here it is, on my 8-string #ukulele #fuc.

I was going to write more verses, but... #iloveshortsongs and it was always going to be a #silly song.


I start a lot of projects,
Maybe for a day or two
And then I get distracted
And move on to something new

But I've made a resolution so my talent's undiminished
Like every Mastermind, I've started so I'll finish

You've got to follow through, to show that you can hack it
To the last full stop and the closing bracket

(spoken:and then there'll be some more verses)


Love the idea of inspiration from a punctuation mark! Fun song.


Clever titles…I’m a sucker for them. I’m also a sucker for catchy little diddys like this. Very cool!


A clever and witty you need more verses? This is very relatable and succinct as it is...totally enjoyable listen!