I Wrestle With The Beast

by @tcelliott

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

I'm focusing on writing lyrics for this 50/90. Here is one of them.

If you would like to add music and make a demo then please feel free. You can let me know and I'll add you to this posting or you can make a new post and add me as a collaborator. You do not need to ask permission first. You can also mash up, change, mar, mold, manipulate, ruin, improve or otherwise change this lyric without asking permission as long as it doesn't support apartheid etc.,. If you need to ask then please just don't.

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I sit down and start to write
A song or two by candlelight
But soon my thoughts run thin and dry
And soon I cease to even try
What use is this I wonder then
I scratch out lines I've tried to mend
I wrestle with the beast

I get up and walk around
Step by step I pace the ground
I struggle with my thoughts this night
Can't seem to speak, can't seem to write
I try to do the best I can
To finish that which I began
I wrestle with the beast

In my mind the blank page grows
And wipes away the line I chose
A simple thing to write a word
If your mind lies undisturbed
But I won't quit, I'll buckle down
So here I sit and stand my ground
I wrestle with the beast


I love these lyrics so much. I found I was singing along before I'd finished reading the first line. There's so much great rhythm right away, and it's such a fun theme.
I posted a version of it here...https://fiftyninety.fawm.org/songs/4420 I took some pretty big liberties, but steered clear of apartheid.


Very relatable. Some songs feel like extracting a demon to finish writing, in my experience, which was my first interpretation of the title. Others feel like you've suddenly lost the ability to write, as a songwriter, just as you find the desire more than ever to write something, anything! This, you've captured excellently. I was hearing something Black Riderish (Tom Waits) and macabre, like a Russian ballet meets Tim Burton.


Very cool lyrics, I like the process of trying to write and wrestling with the beast. Looking forward to hearing the song.


I really like this lyric, TC. It describes perfectly something every artist & creative has experienced/suffered. It does sometimes feel like wrestling with a beast, though I don't want to say that too loud & offend my Muse. She's pretty sensitive & would probably clam up solid if I ever even implied that she was a beast. She is definately an Angel…

I'd be interested in hearing some musication for this. Might even give it a go myself if I get some time & the Muse allows.

See You In The Shadows…