Actin' Up (Baby Its Good)

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#mary_j_blige #hip_hop #iloveshortsongs

Made this last month but abandoned it. Not really a complete track but I'm using the short song tag as an out.
Ain't got time to be picky with posting stuff so I'm posting it. Just trying to hit 50 now.
I unmuted my vocal samples because I originally wanted a rapper, but oh well, so I just unmuted them and layered an additional vox chop and some fx on it.
The piano in the second half is inspired by 'Real Love' by Mary J Blige.


Short, sweet but feels like there's a lot packed in there. The vox sample has a really cool quality to it. My head's nodding, feet are tapping... yeah, glad you posted this one!


Short, but a lot to enjoy packed in there. Like that bass, vocal samples are cool and suit the mood of the track. The extra element that comes in at 1:03 (either formant synth or filtered vocal) is really good - has a kind of 70s talkbox feel to it.


good feeling uptempo groove. the vocal smaples are cool. glad you used them.


This makes me happy - vocal sample so upbeat!


Ooooo ya. Glad you un-abandoned this one it hit me just right as I’m waking up sippin my coffee.


I really liked the vocal sample that comes in around 21 seconds in. A fun start to my morning!


Loving the groove and the cool vocals! Love the upbeat feel. Makes me smile!


Short and sweet. I find your music consistently has a positive good feel to it. Just upbeat and fun. This fits that description.