Just Driftin'

by @chipwithrow

Liner Notes

#ukulele #organ #soul
I imagine this as a big soul song with horns, but until I hire that band, uke and synth organ will have to do.


Nothing to do today – not a care
nowhere to be – that’s so rare
Just drifting – get my drift

Nothing to do today – let’s play
no to-do list – let’s keep it that way
Just drifting – get my drift

Simple times like this deserve a simple song
Just drifting – come on and drift along

Nothing to do today – so fun
nowhere to be – walk, don’t run
Just drifting – get my drift


Yeah, that organ is really 80% of the song--sounds great, and you're right that some horns playing those "organ riffs" would really add something. Great job on this!


Wonderful easy going joyful happy feel! Great sound! I really like the uke with the organ.


What a great idea to combine a ukulele and and organ. It sounds sweet and soulful. The lyrics and music match very well.


I love the repetition in the first and last stanza, and also what changes. So simple and lovely. Really enjoyed the organ (great solo!) So nice drifting along to this one! Great song 👍


That organ is awesome! This version is great, kinda 60's lounge.