Good Luck To You

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

Weird song that went nowhere I thought it would
Hope I can write some less depressing songs in the future


You never tell me what’s wrong
You never listen to my songs
You’re sitting at the roof top
Thinking again
Dreaming your dreams of
What has never been

You never tell me the truth
And begging you is for no use
You put on your make up
To fight the incoming age
Is this a break up or a new page

Good luck to you

Your dressing table is white
So is the chairs and the forks and the knives
The curtains are yellow
And the cat is black
It acts like its mellow
But it will turn its back on me

How can I see myself in this
Those of my friends I dearly miss
Never showed up again and never told me why
One of the reasons I have to say good bye

And you’ve changed
So good luck to you


I love sad songs. Your song is gorgeous. It's so beautfiully sad, poignant and it's sang and played so beautifully. Wonderful guitar playing. Everything is so inspiring and accomplished at the same time.


I personally love sad beautiful songs like this. I like the beautiful rich guitar and clear, strong vocals. A interesting take on a breakup song - not sure whether it is love or friendship - but the "good luck to you" is so devastatingly final and I really like how you deliver it in the song.