Saturday Morning

by @nahlej381 @djtjb @cts @gm7 @splittybooms @megamind

Liner Notes

Nahlej: Guitar/bass/production
Gm7: Guitars
DJTJB: keys/production
The Jelly Factory: Vox/keys
Splitty Booms: keys/production

travis and i started this instrumental and had to assemble MEGA MIND to bring it to fruition. i love this so much. making music with this group has been the absolute best. It's an honor to jam with y'all, i always have a blast.'s all because of this wonderful community that we met..i imaging trying to explain that to me in the early 90', "hey you can be in an awesome band with people you've never met with the internet"

the future,
#lofi #soul #hiphop #funk #cartoons #foley


It's Saturday morning/ new days' dawning
I'm ready to start out fresh
Box of cereal, carton of milk and my TV set
Super Friends? Yeah, I'm in
And throw in some School House Rock
Just take me back to a place like that
Cos I'm trippin' in the Land of the Lost

Gummi Bears everywhere/ Shortcake and Ponies
Thundar and Scooby/ Mighty Mouse and Bugs Bunny
I didn't get all the gags but they were still funny
Not a care in the world/ not a person to blame
Saturday morning everywhere was the same
Ridin' a bike/ go on a hike/ discover whatever - do what you like

Pre Chorus
Spending my days making moves through the city
Spending my nights watching ladies so pretty
Flippin' it back the time, the time
Precious time, rewind, rewind
Sign o' the times where everything moves fast
Digital payouts - forget the cash
Turn it around/ where does it all go
Blink - you lose/ where did the time go

Saturday - mornings like that I miss so much
Saturday - talkin' 'bout Cartoon Planet and Dynomutt
Saturday - weekends couldn't come soon enough
Saturday - I couldn't get enough of that cartoon stuff

Check it: Pac Man/ Asteroids/ Thundercats/ Metroid
Smurfette/ Perfect weekend/ Nerf set
Hot Wheels/ Danger Mouse/ Honey Comb hide-out
Slip n' Slide/ Huffy Bike/ Lemon Twist/ Light Bright
Memories like these/ cool as Tastee Freeze/ See
Mario Nintendo/ Punch-Out KOs/ Lemonheads/ bake beans/ ring pops/ pop rocks
Breakdance/ pop lock/ New Wave/ Hip hop
Saturday what a day/ up and at 'em/ time to play - Hey!

Pre Chorus


2022 MegaMind Music


Superb! Love the vocal delivery and the accompanying arrangement, great song!


Great production and terrific lyrics and all around performance! Very impressive Saturday was my favorite day watching cartoon all morning I actually got nearly all the Bugs Bunny references, because I am that old


LOL... smiling... agree.




So relatable. Crazy good vocal delivery. Incredible words with some classic lines. Guitar parts are so distinctive (gm7 and nahlej381) and yummy. Awesome work all the way around.


Oomfff. This is head nodding funky good. That riff is killer! The break is cool. Overall great sound and production. Great work everyone!


Nailed the early 90s vibe - very nostalgic, like an episode of fresh prince of bel air! Love the samples you’ve used throughout - very unique and made you feel like you’ve be dragged into the world of the song. Has that 4D vibe. Amazing collab!


Mmmmmmm, mmm, mmm.


Oh, yeah. I can taste those soggy HoneyCombs from here, jamming to SchoolHouseRock. Feels like looking back at the mid70s from the late 80s or early 90s. Great track.


Freaking fun! This took me right back to my childhood. It was a blast to hear all those tidbits of nostalgia. The music is super cool. It all works so well together. Congrats to you all for and amazing collaboration!


the sound effects and TV sounds, in the beginning, hooked me right away. so good. and the bass right from the beginning! very catchy I love it. not even mentioning the fact that you guys put this together without ever meeting each other in person is insanely awesome, all the musical ideas sound very cohesive together! no pressure but lucky us if you guys collaborate on more tracks after this 👀 It's giving that old-school hip hop/funk old that's timeless. I laughed a little hearing the 'ohmygod so good' at 2:31. So fun to listen to. And what is that instrument at the coda 2:55? Definitely, one of my favourite 50/90 songs I've heard!!


Had to check this out cause it was labeled funk. Yeah. I like that groove! And I just love the Saturday morning cartoons throw back nostalgia. That's great! Kids today will never know the joy of Saturday morning cartoons. :P Love all the other vintage references too. This is cool, and super funkilicious!


Heck yeah! This track just made this 90's kid smile :)


Wow this is an absolute blast 💥
Is this really 50/90 I'm hearing or a collaboration between Lenny Kravitz, RHCP, Living Color, Frank Ocean, Groove Armada and Cassius??
Fantastic work.


wow Super Collab indeed! just all round so good, everything involved and the sense of wholeness of the different parts. top job!


MEGA MIND?! I'll take a CD, a large T-shirt, and five stickers. FOLLOWED! This is too much, man. I need more. The cereal, Metroid, the subtle nod to 2Pac/west coast early 90's in that verse (memoRIES, like THEESE... saturDAY, what a DAY), I love it all. Great instruments/production all around. Brilliant stuff.


Wow this is fun and fantastic!


Wow! Talk about super group! Love the vox on this - the mix - the production and the lyrics. It's all SO good. This is one of those 'gotta listen to it on repeat' songs so I can fully appreciate all the little details that come together to make this as awesome sauce as it is. That said...I'm going in for round 2!


Yeah!! So much nostalgia vibes in the lyrics and the production is so good. Nicely done, everyone!


Mega Mind a FAWM 50/90 band! Talented--all of you! Groovy. Funky. FUN. Nice work!


Fawm supergroup? Shut up and take my money!! Everybody crushed this in every way possible!! @nahlej381 on bass plus @cts on the mic is already a deadly combo and then in walks in @djtjb @splittybooms and @gm7 like some contract killers at a job fair. I am gunna need this album boys.


I'd love to hear about y'all's "process". Any particular "sharing" software you use for uploading your various specific tracks? I've been reading about "collaboration" software, but have never used it. Man, you guys have it down! GREAT JOB!!


This is a most delicious slice of nostalgia that I related to so much. The arrangement is full but never feels too busy and is a ton of fun to listen to. Nice work to all of you!


Amazing! makes the impossible...possible...this is bloody I say...A-Mazing!


Rocking cool jelly. Funky and delicious. Puts me in a mood of dancing. Brilliant collaboration and demo. It's complex and easy to listen to. Great work!


You guys always do so quality productions. That's super 90s nostalgia! These beats. The vocals. The funky guitars. Cool!

Well I've started an online band when uploading wav file took half a day and social media been something for nerds. Nobody understood what I was doing but thats OK. I've been a pioneer and now I'm so glad that I found more folks!


believe it or not, i had to look up "dynomutt" as it was not part of my childhood saturday morning repertoire. what a fun tribute to an american rite of passage. :)


I wanna know where I can buy my MEGA MIND merch? This is just so totally and utterly awesome I don't really know where to start. I feel all warm and nostalgic and I want to go back to being 13 playing Nintendo right now please. If I had to pick out a highlight, I'd say that dual rap section that kicks in at around 1:58 would be it. As the woman on the sample immediately afterwards says: OH MY GOD, SO GOOD.


Talk about getting hit with some lyrical nostalgia while this still being a funky fresh tune. Too much fun for words! Great job everybody.


Gents - I do believe we’re on to something here. This collaboration is pretty tight; cohesive as if it was created at one place. All the pieces, and the mix…lovin’ the mix! Let’s do this!