(can't think of a title #2)

by @splittybooms

Liner Notes

#vocal_samples #layers #hip_hop

Haven't been feeling the music.
Felt this.


Agreed - the audio aesthetic is quite pleasing in the headphones. It seems that it may be mediocre grooves to you, but they actually have an appeal; a legit one. Immediate head-nod factor. I believe Jay-Z mentioned tracks having that effect are the ones that can get you past 30 seconds...this one did that. Trust me.


Sounds so good in headphones, I absolutely love it. Very chill, and it builds so nicely. The piano and change at 1:07 is really cool, too :)


Like what you *have* been feeling! Maybe the title is “Feeling This.”


Smoooth. great build to this song with the synth stabs of piano and the vox. Nice


Dig’n that smooth melodic synth line that comes in about 25 seconds in. Then the greatness just builds from there with those few well select piano notes and the voice samples. I can’t think of a worthy title but this is…Masterful.


Really like the filtering on the vocal in this. The little burst of piano every now and again is effective and the main vocal sample gives the song a hook.


i feel this. it's that perfect blend of melancholy and uplifting. it rips my heart out and makes me smile. your tracks are just so smooth...life goals: get. smoother. like. splitty.