For the Kicks

by @splittybooms @codeenergy

Liner Notes

#hip_hop #collab

I mean...these verses were just sitting there, so...

I had actually started my track 2 days ago and hit a wall, not sure where I wanted to take it.
Then @codeenergy saved the day with another set of great, swift, and clever acapella verses that he put up for grabs. I was going to leave them alone at first but I saw the bpm was 96 and my track was 95 so I just wanted to drop his stuff on top of mine to see what it would sound like and, we are. Plus, I loved his words so yeah. A master craftsman, he be.
Like the other song, his stuff saved my track from going in the bin, because using his verses caused me to do stuff to the arrangement and make it into more of a full song. I simply sat his vocals on top with a little snipping and moving around of both vocals and music, and just programmed a few little drum fills on top of my existing drum patterns. Did some trimming and stretching and that was it.
I'm not a hip-hop producer (not a producer, period - just a hobbyist having fun), but its been fun messing with rap vocals. I'm sure there's all sort of missing opportunities for hi-hat rolls, 808s, vocal filters, drops, etc that a good producer could do with their eyes closed, but oh well somebody else can do all that, cause he's putting these out there for everybody to mess with.
Thanks again, codeenergy!
Hopefully you aren't tired of seeing my name pop up on your stuff lol


(from codeenergy's page)
Been walking on egg shells since I first got it cracking count my chickens hence scrambled fractions portioned like rations eradicate irrational rats wrapped in the trap and can I get a snap pays for when the cheese is tapped finger on the pulse to keep the beat mapped draw a fine line skill with the pen uncapped when it hits with slaps can't flip that ko to ok for nap it's all a crapshoot for when I talk my shit that's true honest as it gets new shoes with the way fits gotta get loose just for the kicks issues for the comics i draw it with room for a tune to comment that's funny Mister nobody said they saw it better be swift with the blank space is ya insist one the name games tailored for my card again and a stank face straight for the hearts cruises the ace

I try to write like my life is danger take a deep dive off of a cliff hanger private problem promoted to major as I get airborne for a banger with my range a page of flames was traced to place where I blaze up what a fire pace huh in with the embers the wind spray us cant stray from the status until I've burned in my famous last words that's heard backwards because you can't push forward unless you push back first what's these facts worth a fat verse or a pat on the back that hurts cast nerves towards your shoulder blade as the knife turns fast work for a slow ride dirt all over thy hearse grave situation I emerge if you wanna raise the dead better pack enough to purge or feel static start to surge thru ya veins that's thirst cupped with ya blood raised


A lyric that's so sick it needs no doctor! This one jumps off the page in a fine, controlled rat-tat-tat storytelling style! Nice work, man. That hip-hop beat is the bomb, too! Fab workin' the rap to it, you two.


This is so smooth. Those vocal samples are perfect. Cody's flow is spectacular. Man I could absolutely live in that outro at about 1:55. Good God


Not sure how I missed this originally but I’m glad to have stumbled onto it now. This is fantastic. Getting the back story in the liner notes Makes it even more awesome. U2 hit this one out of the park. Splittybooms, your production chops are darn good. I love your stuff. Codeenergy, you’ve brought the goods. Well done!


this hip-hop beat is so cool! Very urban. I like that 808 sounding synth bass? that gritty thing underneath occurs in and out. At first, I didn't know it was going to be a rap so it was a nice surprise - very smooth. The repetitive chords work really well the first verse. I really like that a grittier arpeggiated synth goes underneath in the second verse. The variation hypes up the track more as it goes. Sometimes I would find the instrumental underneath rap plain, especially when the person is rapping - probably done on purpose to highlight the vocals and so we can hear what the lyrics? But For The Kicks highlights the vocals and also kept me really interested until the end! And of course, I love love what you did with the voice samples at to start off the track and as the chorus. I can't rap so I was just mostly nodding but when it comes I was like ~ FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE~ lol catchy


Really cool. What a great beginning with the vocal, so strong and clear. Great music and a very fine production. Passionate lyrics.


Just "wow". For someone who claims to not be a producer, this is so well produced! It's tight, crisp, engaging, and wonderfully arranged.
And @codeenergy - I am in awe. The vocals are smoking!


Wowee, you guys! Great rap lyrics and SO NICELY PRODUCED! This could absolutely be a hit. VERY nice collab!


woah, funky track! that synth bass kicks out some serious jams! the rhymes are tight - lyrical content is dropping some serious science - good flow, rapid+steadfast. the drum track is killer - great snare sound - dig the rolling hi-hats. that said, I especially like the breakdown, dropping out to let the voice do the hard work. great stuff!


Frickin' cool. The @codeenergy verses are excellent. And that wurli/electric piano running throughout gives a lovely chill vibe to offset some of the more manic energy elsewhere. Great track!


Yes!!! I am liking your merging of talents and genres to create something really special. Cool lyrics and awesome music!


Ya I’ll buy y’all’s record for sure. It’s starting out dangerously hot and delicious like a habanero dipped in sriracha in sauna in august in Florida. Cody again with the hot pen split-nasty with the butter beat…not a producer my left eye!


My God splitty! Maybe you should look into being a producer! The arrangement choices are phenomenal. You humble me with your kind words but don't sell yourself short, you're work here is freaking top notch here!! I will never get tired of seeing you're name on this screen! Thanks again you have turned my word puzzles into so much more!