A Fairy Tale Of You And Me

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

a post thought song about the other song I wrote, number 11, and the fact that I did fall in love/ went totally fascinated with an other being before, though realising it's impossible


I don’t wanna think about
What you’re doing now
Think about what dress you wear
Are you alone or in someones company

I’ve been here so many times before
With other girls like you
And now I’m tired
Of thinking of how it would be with you

In my dreams
A whole lifespan in harmony
You can say we been together
In my own perfect fantasy
Oh a faritale of you and med

And if there ever was a small amount of interest
Guess you lost it now
Nowhere to be found like my self confidence
Guess they found each other somehow

Like in my dream
The dance of the beauty and the beast
But this is not Disney land
But pure hard, cruel reality

Oh a fairy tale of you and me


nice guitar playing and very expressive singing. It's a sad song with such a wistful, poignant instrumental ending. Really sounded like a fairytale. Very effective!


Great musicianship on display here. A fairytale of you and me is a great springboard for disappointing romances and failed expectations. Good work’


Very moving song, sad, poignant, broken heart reality and fairy tale which didn't mean to be. I love your singing and playing. Very impressive work. The backing instrumental came as a surprise. It added to the atmosphere of the possibility and impossibility of the fairy tale. I also like how you used Major key which represented sadness.


Those are some gorgeous dissonant chords. Great title and song concept. I love how you sing the title line in the song. Wonderfully emotive performance, great vocals and phrasing. Oh the instrumental section is really atmospheric - very cool. It kind of sounds like a fairy tail. The verse melody is great - sounding somewhat confrontational. The next section is such a lovely contrast. You have a great indie sound to my ears.


so much pain and wickedness arise from imagining the one you love with someone else. i like how you get a bit discordant on the guitar when singing the word "harmony" appealing vocals throughout capture the sad yearning for the impossible.