Summer Sun

by @cola

Liner Notes

Skirmish theme: "SUMMER"

I realized at the end of the hour that, while I had lyrics and a melody, I still hadn't hit the record button a single time yet - whoops! Two and a half hours still counts as a skirmish, right? :)

The prompt "summer" made me think of clear, sunny days! It's so nice to go outside when the weather's good, but I always have to remember to use sunblock or else my skin will just burn immediately.

Thanks @corinnecurcio for the prompt!

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Most of the year
Most of the time
Yeah, I'm a shut-in, I stay inside

So through the year
And over time
Yeah, my skin turns pale and white

But when the light
Peers through the blinds
I can hardly resist yeah

Now with the sun out
It's time to run out
I'm gonna gonna gonna

Catch some summer sun
Go and have some fun
And bake until I'm overdone

Catch some summer sun
(Now with the sun out)
(It's time to run out)
Go have some fun
And bake until I'm overdone

Yeah, gonna catch some summer sun!


Very sunny, very catchy, very impressive for a quick write - I never skirmish myself because it takes me a couple of hours to start writing something, not finish! The words also sound really polished for a quick job.


Cool song, nice bassline and guitar, perfect for this excellent melody! The beat change into the verse is awesome, well done.


Holy cow, this is SO much fun! There's a cool new wave feel to this that I dig a lot, you bring a sense of urgency to this that grabbed me and never let go. This is definitely worth the extra time you took to record it and I love that it's so short, you come in, say what you want and then get out of there. Really nice work!


love the energy of the tempo, great music backing , sounds nice and round and punchy, such a lovely summer bounce! nice skirmishing


Oh 60s rock vibe. What a bummer its so short, cause it's a good one! You should continue. Cool vibes


Great introduction that really captures the feel of summer. The bass is very good.


Killer intro, your guitar and bass lines are really rockin'! Love the upbeat groove, nice hook.


This is a fun, upbeat song that people could easily dance to. The "gonna gonna gonna" is a great lead in to the chorus with the energy it conveys and then those rhymes. Your vocal is playful and has spirit! Cool skirmish no matter when it comes in time-wise!


Fun one! Cute and to the point!


Yeah. Love me some catchy power pop!


That guitar is like a dreamy beach, perfect weather, surf’s up. Your vocal is excellent! This is great!


Very beautiful, fresh, happy Summer song. Loving your lyrics, vocals and playing. I love the atmosphere here. Gorgeous!


Such a great groove and wonderful take on the skirmish! That chorus is really catchy with the awesome vocal noodles sun and fun rhymes. Love this! Delightful!


What a fun song to listen to! Love the chorus. Great skirmish!


Very catchy chorus vocal. Well produced track. Good skirmishing.
There are no time police here. I'm just happy when someone takes longer than me!


short sweet and fun! nicely performed and written!


Catchy, rhythmic and upbeat. I like everything about this, Enjoyed the listen.


I'm enjoying the jazz style. This has a nice beat! The echo phrases are a fun add.


Oh yeah, love that opening beat and then those gorgeous vocals - so theatrical! You make it sound so wonderful!