Dive Into the Pond

by @beacon

Liner Notes

For the first #skirmish of 50/90 @corinnecurcio chose #summer as the prompt. I kept thinking of one of my most favorite summer memories is of dancing at Pinewoods Music Camp in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and after the last dance of the night, running down to the pond, stripping off all my sweaty dance clothes, and diving off to dock to swim to the raft and look at all the stars in the summer sky (and usually joined by a bunch of others!)

I love skinny dipping and think we should all do it, and that's where this song got its inspiration.

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Dive Into the Pond
Lyrics & Music ©2022 Ken Mattsson/BeaconBeats Music

We’ve [D] had a chilly winter
And [G] Spring [A] brought us [D] rain
We’ve finally got sunny days
And [G] daylight [A] now we’ve [D] gained
[G] Northern ponds stay very cold
And [D] keep you from the [A] swim
[D] We can’t wait until July
When [G] we can [A] dive right [D] in

[G] It’s an open secret
[D] On a moonlight [A] night
[G] Down the weathered path
The [A] beach sand glowing bright
The [G] dock ahead, the water clear
The [D] raft a swim be[A]yond
Clothes [D] on the chair, get yourself bare
And [G] dive in[A]to the [D] pond

The [D] best is on a summer night
With [G] no one [A] else a[D]round
We make our way down to the shore
And [G] lay clothes [A] on the [D] ground
Our [G] parents say we need to bring
Our [D] bathing suits to [A] swim
But [D] we like to it all off
And [G] feel cool [A] on our [D] skin


It [D] feels great to be skyclad
And [G] be [A] without [D] clothes
Between ourselves and nature’s touch
We’d [G] rather [A] not have [D] those
[G] Those who say to be ashamed
To [D] show what we were born [A] with
They [D] should deal with their own shame
That [G] we [A] won’t conform [D] with



Brilliant take on the skirmish prompt. Very cool lyrics and music, light-hearted and nice to listen to. Beautiful singing and playing.


ohhh a great pumping track and janky and cool ! that rhythm sounds so spot on with the vocals, and it gives a great swing to the whole thing. those lyrics are summery indeed. thanks for sharing, glad i stopped by !


great nudist anthem! skyclad, what a lovely turn of phrase, as is nature's touch. a very light and liberating vibe to this, excellent skirmishing!


I can relate on the self-plagiarism. I've been noodling on a song idea this afternoon and keep falling into melodies from years gone by. But this song has a beautiful country-folk-campfire vibe and you paint a beautiful scene here. I could see it all vividly in my mind's eye. Although I covered my mind's eye so as not to see the nekkid parts.


I'm not sure skinny dipping is a good idea around here, even on a hot summer day like today, but I'm guessing from the lyrics that's no problem for you :). Great rhythm you have going there. Nice one!


I like your lyrics. The rhymes feel so natural and flawless. The images vibrant. Easy to sing along abd very entertaining. Good one!


An entertaining lyric and song, and you did a great job advocating for skinny dippin'! You almost convinced me (but not quite lol!). Nice energy!


I’ve never gone skinny dipping but this makes it sound pretty appealing. Idyllic and sunny!


Super catchy and infectious fun! Love that chorus especially. Great skirmish!


Well done sticking to your point while describing the scene in detail. Good skirmish.


nicely done!!! the energy and enthusiasm for this is perfect for the subject, and its a great marriage of lyric and music and performance. And no worries if you' reusing a melody, we all do it! And I love that third verse thought about not worrying about society and all those pesky norms, etc.

very well done!


Such fun memories conveyed in this delightful song!


A fun one. A nice picture you've painted ;-) You've plagiarized yourself? Well, you're stealing from the best!


I've done a bit of skinny dipping in my youth. The image of a cool lake and a raft to swim to is a picture of summer for sure! Cool memory!


Wow! You blew this one out of the water, pun intended! Reminds me of a place called Moonshine Beach. Love it!


Well, I seem to have crossed a threshold in my songwriting. I just noticed I plagiarized myself by using a melody what I used in FAWM 2022. It's at least in a different key!


I love the uptempo energy of this! Wonderful take on the contrast of winter and summer and you capture the best of summer nights with a skinny dipping song! I’ve have the chance to skinny dip in each of Madison’s 4 lakes, as well as neighboring rivers and lakes. and each of the Great Lakes except for Erie. It was a goal as a twenty something year old - and I loved every minute of those moonlit naked nights in the lake!


Nice driving strumming. You have certainly painted a clear picture of summer and skinny dipping.


Well, your memories certainly are vivid and serve this song well! It's amusing, carefree, and a fun song all around. Great melody and delivery. I truly enjoyable listen that may recruit a few to dive in! lol


love the imagery of the lyrics! what fun! 😄