99.999 %

by @splittybooms @codeenergy

Liner Notes

#rap #hip_hop #chill

@codeenergy posted an acapella track of him going in on a couple sets of verses for folks to do stuff with; so I did this stuff with it. I then saw someone else had already grabbed the vocals to do something, so I was like oh well. But then code said its kinda free for all so multiple peeps could do their own thing.
Some of the skeleton of the music was made before I saw code's track. It was just a basic idea and I had no clue what direction I wanted to take it, and it was likely to end up in a folder to never see the light of day.
So I ended up fitting the vocals in and building the track out a bit more.
Very simple track with drums, bass, pads, vocal samples, and code's excellent verses. The writing this flowsmith does is outta sight; he has such a great lyrical mind.
Thanks for letting me take a little whack at this.


(copied from codeenergy's page)
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Ooh that synth pad is gorgeous, and that little vocal sample is so cool. Then with the vocals. Nice work people!


right up my street. Love the sample vocal to the beat and my word he can spit some bars there.


I especially like the contrast between the rap and the smoother, more angelic-sounding vocal and sounds at 11:28. The variation in the arrangement that makes it chill but not boring, beats spaced out makes it easy to listen (and relax to!) but also kind of other-worldy. Like you're in a space ship, opening a can of beer


Came back for another listen and realized my first comment didn’t save…or maybe y’all deleted due to explicit content or something. This beat is so flame. Very emotional it makes me wanna smile and also has me holding back tears a lil bit. Cody, again, your vox are so good. Your lyrics are strong and your delivery is delicious


That was awesome! What a great collaboration, everything really worked well together.


great minimal beat - nice variations on the patterns keeps the journey moving. the vocal samples are sugar for the ears - work really nicely with the main rhymes. the rhymes are tight and lyrically enlightened. damn good. nice fx on the vox! synthy stuff is really smooth - everything works so well together. production is tops!


Well it looks like I really need to get my stuff together. Y'all are killing with these tracks. These "team-ups" are fantastic! I'm loving it...more'n Mickey D's, fo real, fo real!!


Yes! I love the chill mesmerizing kind of vibe of the background music and like the rap over that! Nice juxtaposition!


The backing vocals fit well and that’s not easy. Interesting mixup of styles.


Oh wow, the vocal sample <3
Hip hop isn't my preferred genre, but woweee, this is so crisp and lovely. Perfect for summer, and I really want to dance to it. This is incredibly well done, y'all. It might be where I'm at right now with music, but I want it to be longer, more riffing, and spending more time in this lovely world you've created in this track <3


match made in heaven! this really came out super awesome! 2:30 mark absolutely mesmerizing. Awesome job all around


Genius is right. Totally dig the musical background for this lyrical onslaught. Well done!!!


Mastery! smooth chill funky has it all.

great line:
can you stand it if I keep it candid ya should shit can ya camera crew with the way ya hammer through no wonder you pictured with damaged views black and white mismanaged hue


Dude this gives me absolute chills!!!!!!! Hair standing on end the second those vocals samples kicked in!! If anything, I do not do this instrumental justice. Utter genius man!! Thank you for this!


Chill indeed, very laid back but still funky and very cool. I just got in the groove of the words and dreamy trip-hop vibes and let it sweep me away!