I'll Make a Circus

by @cindyrella

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Liner Notes

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Saw an old show that was about a circus and it gave me this idea


I'll Make a Circus
© 2022 Cindy Prince

My schoolin'
Wasn't nothin' fancy
Didn't learn much
While I was there
My schoolin'
Wasn't classy
I was the clown
In the dunce chair

My growin' up
Wasn't easy
Too much work
And not enough play
My growin' up
I was always teasin'
I got in trouble
Nearly every day

I was always foolin' around
But now I'm a fool for you
I'll always be a bit of a clown
And I'll make a circus for two
Yeah I'll make a circus for you

It might not be the greatest show on earth, but it'll be fun
Though I'm a joker I'm in it for the long run

My datin' life
Was a laugh
Couldn't ever find
The right one
My datin' life
Full of gaffes
Though I kept laughin'
It was a dry run

Repeat chorus


aaaw lovely but I want to give the teller a big hug now.<3


Lots of references to laughing and clowns and fooling around and at the same time a sense of sadness and regret leading to something hopeful. What a rich mix of emotions in these fine lyrics.


I like how you take the hardships of life and turn them into a positive outlook on love and life. They say that we grown and learn perseverance from the difficulties we experience and your song epitomizes that beautifully.


Clever how you stitched the lyric's character with that of the circus clown. Great imagery throughout, and quite well done! Glad that old circus show inspired you to pen such a delightfully-charming lyrical gem!