Touch, Don't Go

by @cindyrella

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

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Touch, Don't Go
© 2022 Cindy Prince

At first I was elusive
But I began to come around
I think it was your heart
That finally brought me down

At first I was unsure
Cause I'd been hurt before
Did I dare to try again
Should I open up that door?

Now we stand here together
How do we really know?
All I can say right now is
Touch, don't go
Touch me and please don't go

My signal is green so put on the gas
I'm the teacher, you're head of the class

At first I was so weary
Didn't want my heart to crack
But now that I've found you baby
I never want to go back

Repeat chorus


Cindy I really like these lyrics - great pace and structure, and a beautiful song concept, I know I already have one of yours in the queue. Let me know if this one is available too 😀


Very well written with a touch of sensuality. Lovely lyrics