Where midnight ends

by @dragondreams

Liner Notes

#Fipple #Improvisation #TenorRecorder #OneTake #Instrumental #Meditative #Reflective #Gentle

One pass with the faithful Moeck Rottenburgh Tenor. Recorded with a BM-800 (sub-£20) condenser microphone. Reverb is Raum from Native Instruments sitting as a plug-in in Reaper.

@coolparadiso and @gm7 have kinda sparked my interest with their "visualisation" comments. I'd love to know what images this one conjures up for you (if you are kind enough to listen and comment). 😄

@silvermediapro has sampled this tune and turned it into a fabulous #hip_hop track!




A dark plain. The sun is rising slowly and the clouds above are lit by the first rays of dawn. Slowly, a landscape is revealed, deep shadows changing the shape of the distant mountains.... and the first diurnal creatures stir and venture out to hunt for food.


Peaceful and gentle, like a calm campfire in the outdoors.


Well, you inspired me to work on the fipple. in the meantime, how do I explain it to #rescuebanjo? The tenor is lovely. I regret my plastic Aulos is the most unsatisfactory of all my recorders and whistles. EDIT! I keep forgetting hitting "submit" cuts the music dammit!


This flute sounds dark and strong. Yes, there comes a lot of strength through this music!
It reminds me of a forest I went a few years ago with very tall and old trees. They were majestic. I remember the sunlight coming through their leaves. They were so tall I couldn‘t see where they end - maybe they‘ve never end?


That reverb on the recorder is great. It never sounded like that when I was at school... it's a very peaceful, meditative sound. Nice!


This reverb makes your flute BIG! Super meditative!


i agree with bill. kinda conjures the taj mahal too


the melodies played on the recorder revive images from the movie the mission. of natives sitting on rocks under waterfalls.


Dreamy, I get a "Morning in the Japanese countryside" vibe from this. It's lovely.


Definitely getting a quiet mountainside at sunrise vibe from this. Very meditative and soothing. Now off to listen to the hip hop version!


Ah, I'm so glad you asked about what we visualize...
So there is a food vlogger I love to watch, and one his videos that I can't get out of my mind is when he was on the Mekong river, visiting the floating markets. Now his videos are bittersweet for me - I love them because of the cool places and the amazing food, but they also make me realize how little Ive actually lived life and that I'll probably never eat these foods, see these places, feel those things.
ANYWAY - in that vid, there's an Eastern flute - that's probably not what the instrument actually is, but I'm bad with instrument identification - playing in some parts where different scenes of the people and landscapes go by. There's such a feeling of distance to the music. And then there's the people going about their business in a floating market, something that seems so amazing that it even exists. This is just their daily everyday lives, though.
For some reason, the music in that vid has made me kinda break down when I hear it sometimes.
So that's what your track makes me feel and see - that river, that market, the people making their living and the hustle and bustle.
There's beauty to all that, and also to what you've made here.


I'm seeing a boat slowly come up a river boarded by tall mountains. It's quiet and misty in the morning, and everything seems in slow motion. It's quite beautiful.


Winter snow is slowly melting. Drips of thaw fall across the opening of a small den, where mother bear and cubs are sleeping still.Pan across the forest floor, small creatures make their way to uncover food. A bird flies high above and eyes the life below, soaring to the highest tree and the nest there.


hey would you mind if i were to sample this into a new track? i'm lovin this flute line & it gave me an idea! 😄 i'll gladly tag you as a collaborator when it's finished!


I'm seeing someone doing gentle Tai Chi exercise on the Great wall of China, vast open skies and a calm day. The camera pans around about them (drone) as they gently exercise.

Deb is off to the Andes mountains. Machu Picchu, partly because she misinterpreted the sound as Pan Pipes though.....

The music, very calming and relaxing - loving the reverb, I'll be able to try it soon!


Autumn. By a bend in the river. On the other side, a mountain wall shoots up 200m upward. The sun shines on half its face. It's 2 hours until dusk.

In a windy day, the wind suddently stopped.

I ponder if I can get back home without my lost canoe. I have hope. Perhaps I can make it if I move during the nighttime. Let me pause and collect myself. If the water in the stream can get to the sea, so can I.


That is a nice reverb on there. Lovely piece creates al sorts of peaceful images. i see a white church over looking a blue ocean


I see a distance sailing ship as it kisses the horizon on it's journey to where ever the wind takes it. .....a very nice to listen with my morning coffee