Happy Crashiversary, Sweetheart

by @elainedimasi

Liner Notes

Finishing at night in headphones, if I hate it tomorrow morning I'll mix it down again..

Drums! These are the "Salty Snare" tracks by Emily Dolan Davies (EmilyDrums.com). Check out her site for free stems. PPL 0107762726 PRS 591124460.


blue skies, so blue!
and golden rolling hills too, uh-huh
flowers bloom all over
even sorrel lucks like clover, uh-huh

bands on every day
a-barkin' and a-bitin', uh-huh
fireworks on the bay
invitin' and ignitin', uh-huh

happy crashiversary, Sweetheart
I say this makes a year
nice place to have a crashiversary
I wish I were here

580 makes a roar and it pulls me out the door, uh-huh-huh-huh
anywhere I go, do I have myself in tow, uh-huh

happy crashiversary, Sweetheart
this makes a year
nice place to have a crashiversary
I wish I were here

happy crashiversary, Sweetheart
happy crashiversary
nice place


This is so delightfully wacky, maybe like the best of stuff by the B-52s. It's an absolute blast. Three listens in a row and I might have to go back for more. Bravo!


This is so fun! I love the mystery of "wish I were here" and the twisted peppiness of it all. The synths are delightfully silly.


Clever in every way, this is. I was not put off by the crashing theme while cruising in city traffic on first listen, I think it’s sweet and ironic in the best way. Quite fun, very enjoyable, and memorable. Love it.


The synth at about 1:12 made me smile entirely involuntarily. Awesome pop.


I like bass piano vamps.

I think the fuzzy sound on the chorus was a good choice too, since it sounds kinda ... crashy? It makes sense in my head, anyway.


I was already having a lot of fun listening to this, with the driving beat (great drums, I'll have to check those out), fun lyrics and the "uh-huhs"...then :39 hit and I did a double take at my monitor!
That hits so hard with that CRASHING wall of sound, such a treat sonically!
I'm loving the piano throughout this.
Oooh, organ!
You keep introducing these super fun bits...like this buzzy synth lead! I LOVE that.
Oh, now a vamp??? Ok, this has me swooning side to side.
I love this track and absolutely every facet of it.


That chorus is delicious. And the insistent groove between. Love that little synth break.

So there was a crash, and it appears everybody‘s OK, or possibly even better than before.

This is delightdüful and super-catchy.


Driving groove! I love the "nice place" hook at the end, that could be the focal hook of a whole other song. This is super fun, full of keyboard hooks and shimmy.


This is a wonderful yet mysterious blast from beginning to end. Uh huh! In today’s terms it’s like that first totally engrossing interesting episode of some Netflix series where you see these impossible events happening and then after a bit, the screen shows the words “five years previous” and you start to find out the origin story. Maybe your next song should be the origin story LOL! Musically this is endlessly inventive yet fires up all of our neural pathways in familiar ways!


Loved it from the first beat, and it has what I think of as your signature sound in that vocal treatment and harmony choice. For a song that comes in slammin', you kick it up even more in the chorus with Whatever The Fuzz that is (synth bass?). The keyboard lines are also great evocative of sirens, and everything drives the story forward in a very satisfying way.

I'm not sure if this is about a literal event that you're recalling, but it sure seems like it. I myself have a spot where I had a minor crash many years ago that makes me remember vividly every time I drive by, so that's how it reads to me, but I love the other possible interpretations that folks have listed below as well. You're awesome!


A lot of talent on display here. I like the beat, the vocals, the CHORUS! and the intrigue of the hook.


Sounds great, lot's of cool elements going on! I really like the chorus progression - kind of fooled me into thinking it modulated at first. Skillful writing!


Definitely a 60s vibe! Those snares and 80s synths - a bit SynthWave or is it Synthpop? So fun!


OOO salty snare! love the bouncy feel to this! has an almost 60s hippy feel to some of it! yet still sits modern as well! are the synths bury that idea! really good song! excellent title


I have use Emily's drum stems also..she is cool. Toe tapping beat....oops almost feel off the studio chair. ..loving this one .


Really infectious groove, here, Elaine! Boppin' right along from stem to stern.

What's also cool is how the specificity of the lyrics still allow multiple interpretations or different questions to ask each time you listen: "Oh! Is this a story about a couple who meet after they get into a crash on the freeway?" Or: "Oh! It was the end of a relationship and the crash was like an actualized coda of the break-up." Or: "Crash Pad! Who are you? Nice to meet you, and happily ever after." So each listen can tell a different story. And yet, regardless of what the story might be, it's a lot of fun to just sing and bop along to the song.

That's a really nice lyrical effect and one I'd like to get a good handle on.