It's About Money

by @deylavey

Liner Notes

#nsfw for a couple curse words.

#scotus #currentevents #america #roevwade #singer_songwriter #acoustic #ukulele


This ain’t the work of God
They let the poor birth and work and rot
They’re not saving lives at all
It’s about money

It’s not about your body
It’s about money.

Sure you’re caught up in the storm,
You dropped your rights off at the door
But remember it’s all for:
It’s for money

It doesn’t stop with health
Kiss your Miranda rights farewell
The EPA can go to hell
It’s about money

Louisiana keeps their lines
The ones that favor just the whites
They don’t care about what’s right
It’s about money

This ain’t the work of God
They let the poor birth and die and rot
They don’t care for life at all
It’s about money

Ohio says that Chad
Well he's gonna be a dad.
But he says "Fuck all of that"
Cuz he’s got money

Corporations pay them off
They watch the poor birth and die and rot
They’ll keep us chasing wide & far
Chasing for money.

This ain't the work of God,
They let the poor birth and die and rot
They're not saving lives at all,
It's about money.



still unable to play and the dropbox link does not work for me either. There are converters that convert m4a files to either mp3 or wav --and if wav, then other converters that convert wav files to mp3's , that then can be uploaded on a server, etc. if that helps...

great powerful lyric!!


Ok the dropbox link worked..
nice vocals and lyrics


@deylavey Hmm, the plugin still won’t play the music, at least not on my iPhone. But hey, you added a link to the dropbox file - that one works fine! 👍


I think I fixed it if any wants to try again. @mikeskliar and @florianhoffmann

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, @resonut123!


Yep... it's all about $$$
(The music player worked for me).

Strong lyric, a a lot of great lines in there.
I think your urgent plaintive vocal along with the ukulele strumming adds a lot of depth to the tune.
A song for our times... Sad but true.


I’m getting the same error message with the link to the music. Powerful lyrics though!


@deylavey Can't open your link. ("Server not found".) Renamed the file or bad privacy settings?