The North Wind and the Sun

by @musicsongwriter

Liner Notes

'The North Wind and the Sun'

When I was little my late dad was often telling Aesope's fable "The North Wind and the sun". We were both fascinated by the story. To this day it's my favourite story because it tells me about the power of kindness. My music was inspired by this story which is as amazing to me now as it was when I was small. The piano piece could also be a basis of a song or a duet. I can imagine different stories connected with this music: the original story about the wind and the sun and how the kindness and warmth are stronger and more powerful than the angry feelings. How two people who love each other have to overcome obstacles to be together and how their love is more powerful than any obstacle on their way. It could be a song one of the people who loves his/her partner sings sharing what they have been through and how whatever happened didn't change his/her feelings and he/she still loves and will be there for the other one... Anyway, it's just what I was thinking of when I tried to put my thoughts in music. If you are interested in collaborating please let me know. I believe communication is the key. Let's discuss our project together. Thank you for listening and for sharing your thoughts.
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© 2022 Nadia Cripps


Only the vaguest recollections of the tale. Great contrasts in this piece between the angry, grumpy North Wind and the more melodic and peaceful Sun shining out in time to melt the winter snow away.


Not familiar with the fable, but it's a great song title! Lots of emotion and possibilities with this piano piece!


Such a vividly expressed and emotive beautifully played...


That is a wonderful fable that says so much, as does this powerful and beautiful music!