Keep It All $$$

by @orbit123

Liner Notes

I was digging a hole today because some vegetables got really rotten in a dumpster so I had to get rid of it. Really smelly and I almost puked. I heard some ferencic in one of those tru crime podcast that it's close to how a rotten body smells. So I thought, what if I was getting rid of a body because of money, Kind of felt like a Steven King kind of author. The veggies are in a hole where I also removed a blueberry bush. I think I get away with it.


Keep it all
Hide it all from her

Dogs are in the neighbourhood
And neighbours they complaint
They say they can smell you
So i have to dig deeper to hide

I talk to my psycotherapist
I want to help him find out what’s wr0ng
He doesnt know about you
And that you are gone

Digging up the dirt in the middle of the day
Get rid of that blackberry
That’s what they said to me
Invasive mother of a son of a B

Now the neighbour is here
Talking about the smell
I swing the shovel
And send him to hell
With you


Great inspiration for a song. Nice creepy intro is a great setup for this song topic. I love that distorted bass sound you have in the mix - very cool. More lovely dissonant chords - my ears love dissonance. Very clever lyrically and great twist at the end. and love how you performed it.